Sunday, February 12, 2006

Eugene Protest: Part Ocho

Looking over the various posts on yesterday's rally I realize that I have omitted a very important group in all my discussions: the illegal aliens taking advantage of the services offered by the Mexican consulate and the state agencies!

So here they are in all their shame:

NOTE: You can click on all these pictures to enlarge!

I would say that maybe the sun was in their eyes but they seemed to cover up every time I brought out the camera... just shy I guess.

That is the line for the 11:00am appointments. They had to congregate in the parking lot next to this one and wait a while but when it was time they came pouring over the divide like... well like they come pouring over the border.

Maybe my head was extra shiny that day because when they weren't covering their faces they were turning their backs to me. I'm sure that it had nothing to do with the fact that they are criminals.

This is an actual list of criminal aliens who came for services. (click to enlarge and you can read the names clearly) This is just one page.

The guy in the plaid shirt asked not to have his picture taken. I've asked that he not come into my country illegaly. Apparently neither one of us is a good listener.

Notice the barrier complete with sawhorses and a line on the ground. Gosh, there's got to be a simple way to describe what that is... hmmm... oh yea, it's a border! Illegal aliens on that side, good Americans (with the exception of the MECHA folks and the college idiots) on this side. That's how it's supposed to be on our actual border, not here inside the country.


Michael T. said...

Daniel, outstanding job. I love link analysis, notice how many different names have the same phone number. We can trust the Mexican government that these are not fictious names, oh yeh!

Anonymous said...


How did you get the list? That is awesome.

Any chance you can post the list so we can cross-reference the names with the voter files and have their names taken off the voter rolls?

Daniel said...

I just have the picture of it. It's large enough when expanded that you can clearly read it.

I plan to cross reference the names to several things...

Anonymous said...


i would love to check those names against the voter rolls here in Marion county....

Sue K. said...


Jeff said...

Most of these phone numbers did come up on Google. HOWEVER, one that was listed multiple times did come up when I searched it on Google.

541-343-0662 is the fax # for the Oregon Association of Broadcasters.

Wait, does this mean that one of these criminals lied? No way.

Oregon Infidel said...

Great Job Daniel! I wish I could have been there. I've told myself that I WILL be at the next one. By the way, the third pic, the guy in the red hat is flashing a "One Fingered" salute. I think he likes you!