Friday, February 17, 2006

Friday night freakshow

I have a folder on my computer called "blog pics." (with subfolders for the various consulate protest pics) This is getting to be a rather large collection of some really bizzare pictures.

Many of these have been in various posts, some have never been published, all are pretty good.

So time for a little picture show:

Don't think I ever published this one. It's a "safe" zone at PCC. (A safe zone means that it's normal to be a man named Michael who wants to cut off his penis and be called Michelle but it's not normal to be a Christian.)

Good old MECHA with your "take more" slogans... what would we do without you.

Senator Morrisette with a bong in his mouth. He attended some wacky marijuana rally.

Reps Nolan and Rosenbaum with "the right men" from the time they went to a strip club to celebrate abortion.

This is taxpayer funded art. Yes, it really is art. No I can't "prove it," you just have to know that it is.

And this is my dog. Notice how she sits. She seems to be under the impression that dogs have "knees" because she likes to bend her front legs when she sits down. She is also slouched to one side and really sitting on her butt. Strange dog...


Anonymous said...

Nice to see the Libs opted for an Art piece depicting Conservatives.

You did notice the Balls, didn't you?

Bob said...

Did you notice theat the mecha girls sing is misspelled?

Educational excellence indeed!

BrandyJeanne said...

What a cute dog! I used to have a boxer that sat with his butt down like that. It is rather amusing to watch.

Anonymous said...

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