Friday, February 03, 2006

We already have the laws

I don't want to hear about how a "guest worker" program would provide for "orderly" immigration. I don't want to hear about how it will "let us know who is here." We already have a system for orderly immigration and you can see how well that is going.

I also don't want to hear about bills that talk about enforcement using "biometrics" and other $10 solutions to a $0.02 problem.

We don't need biometrics, how about a little I-9 enforcement? The I-9 was supposed to be the great immigration enforcement tool of the last "reform." If every time an I-9 was submitted where names and SSN's didn't match the government would show up to arrest someone for perjury (I'm not talking about typos) then criminal aliens would not come here in the numbers that they do.

But just like many of the current ideas for "reform" this wasn't really about making any real changes. When SSN's don't match names the federal government simply tells the employer to have the potential worker to get a new number and resubmit.


Robin said...

the problem with the I-9 [assuming things have not changed since I was an employer] is that an employee had to show prove "that they had the RIGHT to work in the United States."

as the employer, I was supposed to copy a birth certificate or other accepted document proving suchto accompany the I-9 form and guess were it goes from there?

in a filing cabinet in case someday the INS, ICE or whoever they happen to be called today, decided to come in and audit my files.

There wasn't any of this matching Social Security numbers, sending copies to the government, or anything.

In fact, the only time that I was required to let the government know who was working for me, was on my quarterly tax statements were I was required to provide Social Security numbers.

I agree that we do not need to spend huge money on technology such as biometrics that all we need to start enforcing the laws that are already on the books.

it goes along with two of the rules of database management...
1. if you are unorganized in the first place, using a computer system is not going to make you organize.

2. garbage in -- garbage out

Anonymous said...

Robin, There is a free program called S.A.V.E. As an Employer you can call and find out in seconds if that SS# matches up.