Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Why Oregon is a magnet state

Matricular Consular Cards Vs. Immigration Documents
The Matricular Consular Identification Card has been a general project of the Mexican Government since 2003. At last count, 47 Mexican Consulate Offices within the United States had issued several million of these cards. The Government of Mexico is probably aware of the exact number of cards issued.

A Mexican birth certificate and thirty dollars is the only requirement. False as well as valid birth certificates are never in short supply.

A Matricular Consular Identification only establishes that the bearer under whatever name he or she cares to use is “without documents” and illegally residing in the United States.

Oregon DMV: Primary Documents (Age & Identity Proof)

Mexican Consulate Card issued in Oregon

This article is full of more examples of how this sham ID is being used fraudulently. Everyone seems to know it but Kulongoski and Lorna Youngs.


RINO WATCH said...

Teddy & Lorna know it....They're are too afraid too show it.

Why did Youngs have an "ear" in the lastest Robleto trial everyday?

Daniel, We know that you will Keep up the Pressure and between us maybe we will shame these two into taking proper action.

Vonski said...

What gets me is why, as of the end of 2002, the matricula was being accepted as an identity document for any purpose in only 10 of Mexico's 33 states, yet our banks readily accept it as a proper form of identification.

If the over 66% of Mexico's own banking institutions won't even accept the matricula as a form of ID, why are we giving out driver's licenses if one of them is flashed? Absurd.

Ric said...

If you are planning to cross the border, you might as well learn about our system of economics.
- Necessity is the mother of invention
- if the market demands it, someone will supply it.

Pictures and everything: Via Gizmodo

" Brincos
Judi Werthein has designed a special "crossing trainer" to help illegal immigrants cross the border from Mexico to the US.

Anonymous said...

Sadly Jason Atkinson won't stand up and speak out against the Matricula card. Instead, he just blames Oregonians for this problem. I guess we are to blame.

PollyAnna said...

Hi Daniel,
When is the next "Carousel of Crime" going to be?
As i recall, i think it is Salem.
I forgot when though.
Do you have anything in the works to drum up a bigger crowd to attend?
It would be nice if more of us are heard loud, clear and peacefully in the Capitol.
Perhaps under the Watchful Gaze of the Great Golden Pioneer on the Capitol Dome,who was not here Illegally.

Michael T. said...

A Hospital birth certificate is unacceptable to DMV, but the always reliable and varifiable "Matricula Card" is.
D.A. King bought his Matricula in the name of
Al Qaida Gonzalez 911 Forgotten Street, Los Angeles, Ca.