Sunday, February 12, 2006

Eugene Protest: Part Seises

Go see the protest videos courtesty of Vonski! I would especially like to thank him for making a digital recording of the Channel 9 news.

NOTE: A few are pretty big so give it a minute after you click the link.


Polish Immigrant said...

Daniel, the Register Guard article is here:

MAX Redline said...

That's some excellent material! You did a great interview, btw - you hit all of the major points dead-on.


I am Coyote said...

So... Do I have to hit each one of your "Eugene Protest" posts to say kudos?

Or can I just say it in this one.

You guys are great! Love the humor involved.

My wife and I sit and literally laugh out loud at some of the captions. I mean that in a good way.

The sense of humor you use to demonstrate their absurdity seperates you from those that are breaking the law.