Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I'm not satisfied with the status quo

I'm not satisfied with just the retreat from Salem. I'm not satisfied with slightly fewer criminal aliens getting sham ID's and taxpayer services. I'm not satisfied with the status quo.

The status quo means that we still have millions of illegal aliens in this country. The status quo means that the Mexican consulate in Portland meets with DHS "to continue with the diffusion strategy on the benefits of stamps of food for the members of the community that describe." (translation)

The status quo means that DMV still accepts the Matricula Consular card as valid ID.

We have a great victory today with Mexico's retreat from Salem but it would be foolish to sit back and be satisfied with it. It's time to push back. The reason we won this victory was that we made a media spectacle out of the carousel of crime.

The status quo depends on everyone knowing what is going on but no one really talking about it. We made people talk about it. We need to keep people talking about it.

We need to go to Portland and protest the Mexican Consulate. We need to be there in large numbers. We need to be loud. We need to be forceful. We need to show our fellow citizens that we can talk about this problem.

We need to tell our elected officials that we are not going to tolerate DHS giving "a bilingual video that will be transmitted in the reception and waiting room of the Consulate" to a foreign government.

We will not tolerate DMV sitting down with Fernando to discuss the Real ID act. (on the consulate website it is translated as the YOU GO Act.)

I don't want to wait for the consulate to decide if they are going to have another carousel of crime, the next move should be ours. We can win if we keep up the pressure! Remember the retreat at Salem!

Let me finish by thanking Allen of Salem, Cheezer, Gullyborg, Oregon Conservative, Oregon Billboard, CSI:Oregon, Vonski, Eugene Rant, Lars Larson, Victoria Taft, Oregonians for Immigration Reform, Michael at Citizen Caucus and I'm probably forgetting some right now so remind me please. These are just the people with websites, this doesn't include the folks who have diligently shown up to all the protests and who helped make them the media spectacle that they are.

Oh and thank you Fernando and the Mexican Consulate, you blinked first.


The Gentle Cricket said...

If concerned Oregonians keep up the fight, we may be able to make Oregon a safer place for children, and a more efficiently run Government. Keep up the great work, Daniel.

RINO WATCH said...

We must pass the Federal Real ID act AND Proof of Citizenship to register to vote in Oregon.

Neither of these public policies are Unconstitutional or "onerous".

Anonymous said...

Great job, Daniel and everyone!

If we keep at it, it won't be too much longer before we rid this state of all those filthy mexicans!

What a great day that will be.

MAX Redline said...


It is not my intention to
"rid this state of all those filthy mexicans!"

Frankly, I'm tired of your crap, so kindly stuff a sock in it.

If you can't stay with the issue (which for the umpteenth time is Illegal Immigration), then you have no business butting in.

If you're simply ignorant, then that's cool; ignorance can be cured.

However, I believe that you're simply stupid - and there's no cure for that.

Tim Lewis said...

He can't help it...anonymous likes crime.

Anonymous said...

Whoah, why you hatin'? I'm totally supporting you guys.

Seriously! I agree with all of you. Everyone knows that all the mexicans are can even easily point them out at those crime handouts they have - and have you seen them, they're filthy, and putting us all into poverty!

Seriously, keep the presure on, I'm with you all!

BEAR said...

m o r o n

Robin said...

Seriously! I agree with all of you. Everyone knows that all the mexicans are can even easily point them out at those crime handouts they have - and have you seen them, they're filthy, and putting us all into poverty!

I agree with Jay,
it is that type of hate mongering crap that causes problems.
the majority of the Mexicans that I know are nice decent people. There are also very disgusted [the ones who immigrated here] at the ones who are here illegally because they stepped in line in front of them and make them look bad.

I have seen one of my classmates come to class in tears because she feels that she cannot walk through the cafeteria without hateful eyes staring at her. Why is that? People like you and your attitude!

So to make a statement that ALL Mexicans are dirty and disgusting is just full of crap and you can keep your bigoted attitude to yourself.