Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Eugene Protest: Part Uno

I'll start with a post of some pictures and then do my narrative (and some other suprises) in the next few posts:

A great American.

Me doing an interview.

A counter-protestor. (supports criminal aliens)

So many pictures, so many stories. I am going to break this up into quite a few posts so keep coming back. Also, so many bloggers were at this event it was incredible. Make sure to check Cheezer, Gullyborg, Oregon Conservative, Oregon Billboard, Glock and Load, Vonski, Eugene Rant and I'm probably forgetting some right now so remind me please.


Bob said...

That was lot's of fun. Thanks for coming down!

RINO WATCH said...

Daniel & all of you,

Thank you!!!

MAX Redline said...

Very good shots, Daniel! Thanks for putting them up (you really should be a photographer). Looks like there was a great turnout!

Tom said...

Looks like you bigots were pretty out numbered. Word it it was 1 bigot to 10 immigrant supporters. Funny.

Sue K. said...

Just a matter of time, Tom, before the "bigots" outnumber the "immigrant supporters." As more "bigots" (as you like to call them) become aware of the carousels, more and more will show up. It's the illegal immigrants (and maybe not all at the carousels are illegal but I bet a big majority of them are) that have more to lose by ending the carousels. We "bigots" (legal taxpayers) are tired of services being offered to those that are not entitled to them. Can you tell me, Tom, why do most of the "immigrant supporters" hold signs in Spanish? Why do they wear shirts depicting killers or thugs covering their faces? Why do they give others the "finger" or use vulgar language? Another reason the "immigrant supporters" may currently outnumber the "bigots" is because of where the carousels are held-----large hispanic communities. DUH!!!!

BEAR said...

Since being a bigot only requires that a legal immigrant, or offspring thereof, support state and federal law, well, COUNT ME IN!!! My family has a distinct bias against all criminals.

Kate said...

Tom - you need a better source for your information. The Protestors clearly out-numbered the criminal-supporters at least 3 to 1.

Oh, and you calling us "bigots" just shows the depth of your ignorance.

Daniel said...

How to respond to Tom in a mature fashion similar to the one he uses... hmmm.

Ah ha!

I know you are but what am I!

Sailor Republica said...

Would have been there had my midterms not been calling.

I'm pretty certain that the ODEmerald will put something out that slanders y'all.

If they do, I'll make someone set the record straight.

Greg said...

First, let me say, Tom, the right words escape me. In my clumsy way let me just say that, as ignorant as you are, we are still fighting for you unless you are an Illegal Alien. How fortunate for you that you can call us bigots and report erroneous information about our efforts and still reap the benefits of those efforts.

I find that our adversary shows a level of ignorance and irony that we may not be able to work with on an intellectual basis.

For example, the gentleman holding the sign that says, “somos gente de paz” (loosely translated means, “we are peace people”) is wearing a sweatshirt with a picture of one of the masked murdering thugs in Iraq. Perhaps the meaning is too deep for me to interpret. Tom, a little help please!

Credit where credit is due – At least Tom didn’t sign in as Anonymous which gives his comments far more weight that those that post their vile without identifying themselves.

Anonymous said...

This really all doesn't matter because as soon as the Presidents amnesty program goes through (yes, the one that Jason Atkinson supports) all these "illegal aliens" will be American citizens. Ha

Sue K. said...

Keep holdin' your breath, anonymous....................ha!