Monday, February 20, 2006

How can we ever repay him?

Governor Kulongoski's Legislative Accomplishments
This legislative session Governor Kulongoski continued the progress of his administration by making critical investments in economic development through non-highway transportation projects...
screech. Stop right there. Do MOST Oregonians support the "non-actual traffic" projects? No.

...the Governor dedicated $100 million in non-highway transportation projects including rail, aviation, marine and transit systems to improve congestion...
screech. Important to define this: By "improve" congestion liberals mean "make it worse so people will stop driving cars and join the commune."

Other things he crows about:

Combating Global Warming - Fighting something that doesn't exist makes you a crazy person, not a leader.

Updating Oregon’s Land-Use System - The people did this with Measure 37, a measure that you opposed governor.

Fighting Methamphetamine - You outsourced meth production to Mexico and increased imports exponentially. Six in one, half dozen in the other.

There is no signature piece in his list. Even Kitzhaber had his failed health care plan as a centerpiece. But no Theodore, he has simply stood by and done nothing to protect our children from sexual predators (David Wu...) and continued to make Oregon an attractive state for illegal aliens. What a failure.


BEAR said...

We can repay him with laughter, and by urging the Legislature to undo the damage he has done, so far. Unfortunately, he has put Oregon years behind in the issues you named.

Daniel said...

It is now up to the citizens to pass Jessica's Law, somthing that has widespread support but is now going to take a lot of money and energy to get done.

Robin said...

the only thing that he has proven is that you can sleep in office and no one cares.
the office of governor has actually become a joke.

Thanks Ted

Bob said...

You forgot the pears. He made pears the state fruit.

BEAR said...

Bob, teddy merely confused pears with a guy's name.

Scottiebill said...

How to repay him for all the "good" things Teddy the K has done for Oregon? Kick his sorry butt out and make him go back to the private sector where he won't be able to do so much damage to so many.