Monday, February 27, 2006

Tricky math

Noncitizens Eligibility for Food Stamps
The income of households with noncitizens is calculated differently based on their alien status. For noncitizens who are not qualified, e.g., foreign students, tourists, or people who are undocumented or who overstayed their visa, a certain share of income they contribute to the filing group is not included in the benefit calculation.

This seems to be very complex math but it looks as if benefits can be allocated to include the illegal alien as a recipient but not include their income when factoring how much a household will get.

Step One:
Include the NC2 in the benefit group as if the person were eligible, i.e., code the person with an AD, HH, or CH, whichever is appropriate.

Note: Unqualified ineligible noncitizens are referred to as NC1: qualified ineligible noncitizens are referred to as NC2.

The bottom line is that if we have to have multiple formulas for illegal aliens, their cousins, their children, etc then maybe we have too many illegal aliens in this country.

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it gets worse (see your e-mail)