Friday, February 17, 2006

Do it for the kids

Job title: Aluminum acquisition and reconditioning supervisor

Actual job: Bum who picks up empty pop cans.

Such is the way of government job titles. No only are an endless amount of jobs created that have overlapping duties (you get long breaks when you are in a union) but apparently almost every employee needs their own supervisor/manager or in the case of schools, superintendent.

Why someone needs to be supervised why they are playing solitaire (away from public eyes) or making the public miserable (think DMV) is beyond me.

This is the job title list for the Hillsboro school district.

Tell me if you think we are a little top heavy:

The supers:
Deputy Superintendent Supp Svcs
Assoc. Superintendent Supp Svcs
Assoc Superintendent of Govern Relations
Asst Superintendent Supt. K-12

The directors:
Executive Director of Personnel/Labor Relations
Executive Director - School Improvement
Director - School Improvement
Exec Dir Curriculum Instr
Dir Spec Programs
Dir Communications
Dir Curr & Staff Development
Dir Instr and Media Services
Dir Licensed Personnel
Dir Operations - Elem
Dir Operations - Secondary
Dir Facilities, Planning & Property
Dir Admin Services
Dir of Transportation
Dir Instr & Eval
Dir of Construction Management

And I haven't even started on the "managers" and "supervisors" yet. So where do the "teachers" fit into all this? Do the kids really need an Executive Director and a regular Director of School Improvement so that they can learn to read, write and do math?

And is anyone willing to argue that the kids need a Hispanic Community Outreach Worker or they just won't learn? WARNING: When you read the actual job description you may experience nausea

Before we continue with a conversation about school funding we need to talk about whether or not additional funds are really "for the kids."


Anonymous said...

What, no Hand Shovel Operator level III (Bilingual)?

Anonymous said...

The Hispanic Outreach person must have a Valid Oregon Drivers License.

Please define or translate the word Valid.

Press #1 for Spanish

RINO WATCH said...

Rinowatch is watchin' this district very closely as they are planning a bond or local option levy for Nov.

Needless to say your exposure Daniel is terrific!

HSD will have some tall 'splaining to do....

Daniel said...

Anon#1, the Hand Shovel Operator Level III position was eliminated and replaced with Manual Earth Mover II and Ground Disruption Supervisor.


valid adj. Not secure, worthless, a fraud.

Rino, give 'em hell.

Oregon Infidel said...

Could you find the same level of service and assistance if you are not hispanic? Does the district have a "U.S. Citizen Outreach Worker" that will come to my home and assist me if my child has attendance or academic achievement issues? Will someone from the district come to my home to provide me with asistance in locating community services targeted to my demographic? Doubtful.

Why in the hell is gov't bending over backwards helping one "race" and not offering the same level of service to ALL taxpayers? Sounds like institutionalized race bias to me.

Jim in KFalls said...

Most likely the "illegal" that gets this job will be picking up beer cans - pop cans is pushing it.

Do you think the "illegal" that gets this job will keep the nickle deposit on each can he and his friends collect?

Robin said...

your right, I am hurling.... excuse me got to RUNnnnn

Anonymous said...

How is it a guy who works for a wholesale and distribution company(?) knows so much about what is needed to run a school district?

1001st Fiend said...


I have to laugh, otherwise I'll yell. So, with the hispanic outreach worker, apparently I would have to "stand" for 1 to 4 hours a day, sit for 1 to 3 hours a day - I didn't see "playing solitaire" or "smoke breaks", is there a page missing?

Diesel said...

Daniel, would n't the most efficient use of taxpayers money be to just get rid of the teachers as well? Kids can learn all they need to know "online" these days.

Think of the potential savings! :)

Daniel said...

C'mon Don, you know that I want the teachers to be able to do their jobs, I just don't think that they need a Hispanic Outreach Coordinator to do it.

Fire that person and give the additional money to the classroom!