Sunday, February 26, 2006

Kulongoski on the environment

Did evil corporations cause this mess? Did Halliburton do this? Might this be Dick Cheney's backyard?

Nope, this is the garbage left by those "hardworking" criminal aliens that Teddy Kulongoski loves so much. If you are concerned about litter, concerned about sprawl (I'm not but maybe you are) or concerned about the use of our natural resources then maybe you should be concerned with illegal immigration.

How about you Kulongoski?

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Anonymous said...

But I thought they weren't all dirty and disgusting!

I say what you all are too PC to say, supporting your cause for our country, and get called a moron.

Whatever, I guess we can agree that they all need to go back where they came from, no matter how PC we are about it.

Anonymous said...

Looks like much of the Real Mexico that I have seen.

Filth and squalor is a component of their Culture that will take several generations to change but they will ask, why.

They will work and work hard but only if they are paid and well.

Anonymous said...

Poverty is the component of the Mexican culture that leads to the squalar and lack of sanitation.

I also like the fact that you are using liberal concepts that are directly impacted by illegal immigration. Sprawl, unplanned power built housing, and blue colar poluting industrial businesses. Thats what attracts illegal immigrants.

Brent said...

How about we frame it non-PC terms. They're all wetbacks!

What can you expect from a bunch of wetbacks?


dchamil said...

Come on, fellas, it's just part of the charm of Old Mexico, coming to your neighborhood soon! Different cultures have different norms, who are we to judge, eh?

gullyborg said...

the real irony here is that, even though people assume that liberals = pro-environment and conservatives = anti-environment, the truth is that Jason Atkinson probably cares more about keeping Oregon clean and green than Kulongoski... and would probably do more to keep it that way WITHOUT simply obstructing business and growth.

Oregon Infidel said...

I'd hate too see the "Health Dept. Certificate" for the local Taco Truck!

Ric said...

dchamil wrote: "Different cultures have different norms, who are we to judge, eh? "

My least favorite cultural difference is the sprinting accross the road - where ever and whenever - but mostly away from a corner, and if you live west of Beaverton, like I do, typically when there was also a railroad to cross.

Why this is so low on my list as it spreads to others far too easily. They have copied the bad behavior.

Hey, in an off topic post,
ya all keeping an eye on Europe?
What they have/are going thru on immigration can/should serve as a primer for us.

Check out this at the American Thinker.

Brent said...

Ric -- next time one of those wetbacks goes sprinting across the road, maybe confuse the gas for the brake...