Thursday, February 23, 2006

I couldn't make this stuff up

We all had a good laugh with the "Bush conspiracy theory generator" from a few posts down. It's funny because it came up with wacky things that really do sound like a liberal would say it.

But BlueOregon, the folks who try to keep black people from voting, (I keep saying it so it must be true) have outdone even that.

They solicit "progressive" ideas and the one to "reform" the police is absolutely hilarious!

Within the State of Oregon, no regular police officer would be allowed to carry a weapon with the potential to take a life.

Also, cops should not be allowed to engage in traffic enforcement unless it's in a direct response to a citizen complaint.

Finally, cops would be required to use bicycles and foot patrols in urban areas for more than 50% of the force on patrol...

If you think that crime is bad in Portland now just wait until these ideas get implemented. It would be funnier if these people weren't actually so dangerous.


Jim in KFalls said...

Perhaps the police should be required to notify all potential criminals of which areas they are going to be patrolling on any given day

Oregon Infidel said...

As a former Police Officer, I find this funny and scary at the same time. Whack-jobs like this are the ones who end up getting grants from Liberal Cities Like Portland and Eugene to form "Citizen Watchdog" groups, and make recommendations on Police policy.

Granted, Taking a cops firearm away in any city in the U.S. will only serve to initiate a mass exodus of Police Officers into the ranks of the "Screw This, I quit Crowd".

The rope smoking scrote-bags that come up with this stuff will eventually stop killing brain cells long enough to realize what a dumb idea is made of.

Vonski said...

As a private citizen with a firearm, I would be MORE than happy to perform regular ride-alongs with an officer if it ever comes to that :)

The Gentle Cricket said...

Why stop there?
"to make the Portland police more earth-friendly, all police firearms should only fire acorns, and should be made of no less than 50% post-consumer recycled plastics"

What is the provocation for this? As far as I'm aware there have been no major complaints about the Portland police, so why do they need to be reformed?

Kristopher said...

I think it's a fine idea.

If a peace officer needs armed backup, he should temporarily deputize a citizen ( who should be carrying his mandatory militia arm ).

Damned ... I think the moonbats actually have a good idea here.

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess said...

Why even have "police"? Doesn't that just create an "us v them" mentality? We should just dump the police force entirely and replace them with a friendlier, more helpful, group. How about taking that "acorn gun" a step further, and just replace the police with a full-time forest-replenishment staff? I mean seriously, if we all just pitched in to plant more trees, there would be no crime.

Micahel T. said...

The lot of a police officer is a heavy dangerous one. More and more County Comissioners, mayors and city councilors, are so far left that their is a real disconnect with reality. Being in power and never having done anything more dangerous than sitting on a commode; they are able to force these crack pot ideas on police, who then have to work around them without getting killed. Where do we find such people willing to risk verything, every day to keep the jackals from taking over?

fish_on said...

VTDE Goddess:

Wait...we can't get rid of the police...we need them to replace our military!,2933,184951,00.html

Be sure to watch the video!!!

Thomas said...

And perhaps those annoying sirens can be replaced with the soothing strains of "kumbi-ya", and the blue strobe lights should be candles.

Gad! These people are so far removed from reality it's a wonder they are able to get dressed without help! Oh, wait - I've seen how they dress and I have to ask: why do they want to look like they're from a third world country? There is a Socalist coffee shop on E. Burnside St. and in the window a sign reads: "Solidarity without borders".
Makes me crazy whenever I have to walk past.

So much distain - so little time!

The Gentle Cricket said...

"Wait...we can't get rid of the police...we need them to replace our military!"

That's right! I live in San Francisco, so I should have remembered. But, the City Stupid-visor that said that also said that we don't need military because we do have Firemen.

Jeff said...

no really, was that stuff from Blue Oregon serious?

BEAR said...

I think that if a police-enforcement-person-of-non-distinct-gender-or-philosophy has an inkling of an enforcement thought they must shoot themself (metaphysically speaking, of course.)

Tim said...

Smoking too much medical weed is one cause for wacky ideas like these...Oregon is quickly assuming the California moniker, "Land of fruits and nuts."

Scottiebill said...

These proposals surely could have come from the "Reverend" Roy Tate, the black pastor who goes against everything the Portland police do when it comes to stopping criminals from their nefarious actions. Refer to the Little Red Riding Hood parody in the previous blog.

Count me in with Vonski on the ride-alongs. My son is in the Montana Highway Patrol and I have ridden with him many times whenever we are back in Montana. It has always been fun and very enlightening. And he does come in contact with more than his share of nut cases.