Tuesday, July 25, 2006

50 cuts in 50 days

The statement "I'll cut government waste by 10%" doesn't cut it. The newspaper editorial board will mock you for not being specific. The uninformed morons ignore this as something that all politicians say. (Even democrats say this so we know it has no validity) And conservatives have nothing concrete to hold you to.

So Mr. Saxton, I'm suggesting some very specific cuts to be made. Sure, DHS Diversity Manager Marita Baragli isn't going to vote for you whe you say that you would eliminate her position but she wasn't going to vote for you anyway. And you can bet that the general taxpaying public will like the idea of putting her salary + benefits towards something that actually matters.

So please stay tuned Mr. Saxton. Every day, an agency, a commission, a job classification or a specific position will be suggested for elimination. (Yes Alberto Moreno, you will be on this list)

Also, everyone feel free to offer your own suggestions for cuts, just please provide a link so we have something concrete to look at.


Anonymous said...

The State Board of Accountancy could go bye bye. Oregon is one of two states that require accountants and tax preparers to be licensed and take long, boring and expensive classes to maintain the license.

Let the marketplace sort them out!

Anonymous said...

Lets start with cutting all the double-dipping, early retires who leave with the promise of fat consulting contracts in exchange for keeping their mouth shut.

Oh yes, then the retainer folks the State keeps well healed for standing-by in case they are needed.

Then move on to cut the Traffic Accident Investigation/Reconstruction crap!

Big Mike Lewis said...

How about ACLU Lawyers? They get paid to defile our society from the money that innocent people get stolen out of their wallets by frivilous lawsuits.

mike said...

How about the 40 people I saw holding "slow" signs today at the road construction...there were so many, I thought, who needs the orange cones...the people were cones!

Why are there so many people doing the job of 2 people?

Anonymous said...
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Mike said...

I'm looking forward to your next 49 cuts, Daniel.

RINO WATCH said...

I've asked Saxton at least 3x on talk shows if he would FIRE Lorna Youngs, the Head of DMV.

He won't answer the question.

Daniel I'm afraid we're dealing with a RINO and you know what that means.....

Daniel said...

Rino watch, that's part of the reason that I'm doing this. You and I and everyone want some specifics that we can count on.

I contacted his campaign yesterday regarding this idea. Hopefully Lars will continue to read this stuff on the air and maybe it will take.

We are all tired of the general promises to cut spending that we never see.

Rick Hickey said...

Maria Palacio and the "Migrant Education" program (Salem Dist., 2nd largest in OR.), need to be eliminated, why?
Her own 3 yr. study proved that after 5 yr.s in a bi-lingual class that 80% are NOT Bi-lingual.
They can NOT read, write or speak in English. Yet Maria gets huge funding increases every damn year!

We cannot expect the person that made this huge mess to somehow fix her own mess. AND She is not trying too anyhow.
$9,000,000,000 down the drain, next year & over 6,000 kids who cannot assimilate.

These Kids do NOT need "specialist's", they need Parents that care and a couple months in an English class.

I even have the support of Eduardo Angulo and the S/K Coalition for Equality. He/they are furious at all the so called extra funding that does go to the classroom and the fact that their "immigrant" kids are not learning American.

Rick Hickey said...

whoops extra funding that does NOT go into the classroom

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