Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Is Saxton for civil-unions? No.

Heard Mary Starret say that Saxton was for civil unions today on Lars' show. A quick search however reveals this:

Saxton opposes basic equal treatment for GLBT Oregonians and our families. Forget about equal marriage rights: Saxton opposes even civil unions. [KGW GOP Primary Debate 4/24/06; Statesman Journal, 4/23/06]

Saxton doesn't seem to have any problem with anti-GLBT discrimination. He opposes adding sexual orientation and gender identity to anti-discrimination statutes. "I'm not convinced that it needs to be there," he said [WB's "Outlook Portland," 4/2/06] and has vowed to veto any bill like Senate Bill 1000 should it pass in the next legislative session.

That's from the Special Rights Oregon website.

Hope that settles the record. And for my two cents: civil unions are marriage by another name and would prove to be a destructive force for our society. (whether or not they are limited to people who choose to be gay or are available to everyone)

To hear Lars' interview with Mary Starret go HERE. (The third hour of today 7/11/06) You will here her suggest that if she were governor, she would not allow Oregon National Guard soldiers to serve outside of Oregon!


BEAR said...

I heard Mary "the moonbat" Starrett on Lars, today. She actually advocated (more than once) for the Oregon National Guard to deploy ONLY within Oregon's borders, and claimed that the war on terror (particularly in Iraq) was bogus. What an IDIOT!!!!

Daniel said...

And for anyone who doesn't believe it then go listen to the audio yourself!

I agree with Mary on a lot of things but

1) she can't win the governorship

2) I don't agree with her on the Oregon Guard. Hers is a ridiculous position.

Scott said...

Daniel go to Marys issues page and scroll to the bottom where she talks About the Iraq War. She sounds more like a donk there.


Anonymous said...

Saxton is a baby-killing abortionist anyways. I would never vote for him regardless of what he thinks about homosexuals or not. I will take my chances with Starrett as should every true Christian.

Ric said...

I would like to see the National Guard/Air Guard have a limited role. Use for CONUS & US Possessions & Territories and then a very limited role in foreign humanitarian aid.

If you need more soldiers, then hire more soldiers.

Now who was it that reduced the number of divisions on active duty ... let me think, let me think ... depends upon what 'is' 'is'

But the idea that any Governor can/should block the use of the NG is ludicrous.
When Mt. Hood goes, we may need NG troops from other states to help recover from that disaster.

Republican Voter said...


I am coyote wrote:

When you take that instance with Saxton's historical support of Democrats, his historical NON support of Republicans and his close ties with the Goldschmidts, it equals a Democrat and not a Republican.

One or two of the above instances might be understood or overlooked if Saxton also showed a history of supporting the party. He has not.

The unfortunate thing for Saxton is that he has had four years to get out there and stump for some Republicans. He didn't.

Funny thing, you have a bunch of "Republicans" supporting Saxton and demonizing Mary Starrett who is more of a Republican than Ron could ever hope to be.

This is all not to mention that Ron Saxton is pro-abortion.

Anonymous said...


I heard from Vance Day at the Oregon Republican Assembly meeting say that Ron Saxton was for civil unions. That is the black and white of it. For any questions on this topic please call Vance Day.

Amy Rabon