Monday, July 03, 2006

Because if the taxpayers don't fund it, who will?

Oregon Congressman Smith: Stem Cell Research Breakthrough In
"We are doing a great service to those who hope for a cure," Smith said. "We cannot ask scientists to deliver cures for today's worst diseases when they are working with yesterday's capabilities. Stem cell research is a rapidly advancing field of modern medicine. Senate approval of this package will move us one step closer to finding the breakthroughs we know are in reach. Scientists need us to act so they can fully utilize this cutting edge medical research."

NOTE: He doesn't specify whether or not these are embryonic stem cells or not but if you look at S. 471 (which this press release says Smith sponsored) you see that it is titled:

To amend the Public Health Service Act to provide for human embryonic stem cell research.

and sposored by Kennedy and Feinstein among others. I just think it's dishonest to not specify what type of "research" (harvesting dead babies is "research" much like what the Nazis did was "research") he is applauding.

If embryonic stem cell research is "rapidly advancing" then why do they need government funding? If there was even a slight possibility that you could cure some horrible disease with this "cutting edge" research then why wouldn't Pfizer fund it? Imagine what they could sell a cure for Parkinson's for.

This is just an excuse to desecrate human life. Embryonic stem cells have not been successful at curing any disease or ailment.


MAX Redline said...

Actually, it's my understanding that scientists have been having greater success with adult stem cells than had been the case with the embryonic lines. Not that I stay on top of that sort of thing, but I'm pretty sure I read that recently. That being the case, there'd be no need for this sort of thing.

Bobkatt said...

One thing that has always troubled me about whining Libs is that they always expect the government to lead the way in funding their grand ideas. Why don't they devert some of the millions they dump into and air america into solving all these problems like alternative fuels, stem cell research, etc? The government is the most inefficient way to solve any of our problems and there are always big money interests willing to subvert the governments effectiveness in offering real solutions to our problems. For example the prescription drug benefit program.

Bobkatt said...

If you are interested, please go to
and see how you can help restore term limits to Oregon politicians that have made it impossible to oust these career politicians that seem to forget the promises they made to the people that elected them. There also is a petition available to force the Legislature to live within a budget and establish a reserve fund for emergencies. Thank you.

BEAR said...

Smith's proclivity for co-sponsoring laws with socialists is most disturbing. I no longer trust anything our most prominent rino promotes. Hey, GORDON!! Shut down the BORDERS to illegals and OPEN ANWR, you miserable weasel. Then you can start begging for my vote....but don't hold your breath....oh wait, feel free!

HMIL said...

My cousin, who is a research chemist, says that there has not yet been one success from the research being done with embryonic stem cells. As Max said, there is much more success being had with adult stem cells. "Research" being done with "harvested" embryonic stem cells is nothing short of amoral, as it encourages the abortion mills to continue with their practice of killing unborn humans ... I imagine they get a pretty good dime for sending in embryonic tissue, provided it's packaged correctly, of course.

R Huse said...

The Lefts View of Science

Global warming – Love science, gotta have it, earth is gonna die unless we act, all scientists agree. God doesnt affect the world, man does. We’re all going to die.

Genetically modified food etc. – Hate science. Scientists cant be trusted. What if a changed gene gets out of the lab and kills us all? This raises huge moral questions, man shouldn’t be playing God with corn. We’re all going to die.

Fetal Stem Cells – Love Science. Genetically modifying cells is great. Nothing can go wrong, there are no moral questions to be asked, man is God. Its going to cure every disease. We have to have it or we’re all gonna die.

BEAR said...

hey, r huse, (sounds of huge standing ovation).

R Huse said...

Why thank you.

Anonymous said...

from a guy who goes out and kills animals for "sport" i am confused on your stand. go back to the old country you twisted religo.we should make the church pay for it

DANEgerus said...

65 regimens to treat 80 diseases with adult stem cells all funded privately with incredible profits.

0 regimens that treat 0 diseases with embrionic stem cells in spite of massive public funding.

That's why they need it...

Because it doesn't work.