Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Trickle down billing?

Yet another medical bill arrived today from a hospital visit my daughter had months ago. They just seem to trickle in. It really helps how they send me an invoice that isn't a bill, then my insurance sends me something that isn't a bill, then, if I'm lucky (or unlucky I guess) the actual bill arrives.

Al Gore should be complaining about all the trees they cut down for medical billing. Anyways, I have no idea what I am even paying for at this point. They could just be sending me random bills for random amounts and I couldn't tell.

So all this got me thinking, do I need better insurance? And what would the platinum standard be? Then it hit me:

DOC Health Services
Record Keeping
Mental Health

They even brag "One of our institutions won the national “Facility of the Year” award for health care in 1994."

Hot dog.


Anonymous said...

Wait till you see the paper work flow that follows a major medical event.

The shuffle is costing us millions in employing people to create and others to sort through all that garbage.

It also works well in cancelling an unwanted client who gets lost in the flood of paper and just gives up.

Imagine all that going to an elderly person that confuses easily.

The only good part is that its all in English. Just wish we could understand it.

Robin said...

what I learned about being in a hospital, is don't talk to anybody unnecessarily including the janitor or you will get a bill from them.

Anonymous said...

dont pay go to jail and let the state pay for it or---learn how to sort and staple its not that hard

Anonymous said...

This is why AFLAC has become a household word.
Even with Med insurance, you are still going to pay something.
If it was Daniel and work was missed & that paycheck, how much more would it hurt?

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