Monday, July 10, 2006

Conflict of interest?

Elder Suicide Prevention Program
PROMOTE AWARENESS that suicide in older adults is a public health problem that is preventable.

Develop Broad-Based Support for elder suicide prevention.

Promote efforts to REDUCE ACCESS to lethal means and methods of self-harm by older adults.


Oh wait, that last one was from a different page. But it's strange, you may go to the DHS website looking for information on a suicide prevention hotline because you aren't feeling so well but when going in alphabetical order you will hit "O" (Oregon Death With Dignity) and "P" (Physician-Assisted Suicide) before you get to "S" for the suicide prevention.

It's a "public health problem" but we'll let you do it if you ask first.


Anonymous said...

Little wonder as many Seniors who were forced by their insurance provider on the Medicare Drug plan and are now falling into what is called the "Doughnut Hole."

This is when suddenly and for most unexpectedly, they hit a dollar limit and thus lose all benefits until they reach a much higher dollar limit, where again the Drug benefit becomes effective.

The surprise comes from them finding their insurance provider has joined them as a co-beneficiary in the Medicare program and thus helping them reach what they had previously thought was an unlikely unachievable dollar amount of out-of-pocket expenditure. Surprise, you have a secret partner!!

The trick is the Insurance provider calculates their share of the out-of-pocket expenditure at full retail price where the client was only looking at their much reduced co-pay amount.

Now, what was considered a worse case and highly unlikely scenario potential of a $1350.00 hole, many are having to fill a $3200.00 gap which they must suffer before the Medicare benefit resumes paying the majority of the expense.

It works like a balloon payment but this one is totally unexpected for many seniors and leaving some with no option short of suicide.

The good part is come the first of the year the game starts all over again. Well, at least for those who survive.

Dial M for Murder!

Daniel said...

I don't understand my insurance either.

Anonymous said...

And you are not 80+ years old.

Imagine that and then a widow who lives alone and easily confused.