Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Daniel: With a vengence

Did you hear that? That was the sound of 12 - 20 million illegal aliens trembling because I am back in action.

Long story short: it was Verizon's fault, they fixed it, I've been compensated.

Before I get into politics/news/offending people let me just say how much Al Gore's invention has meant to my life. Being without the internet was like being without electricity. I had a shower stop working and I couldn't look up info on how to repair it, couldn't look up the phone number for George Morlan, couldn't find the hard-to-find part that I was looking for at some specialty internet shop, couldn't do anything. (Fixed the shower myself, pat myself on the back)

I pay all my bills online, research online, get directions online, play online and communicate with the outside world online. (I have yet to open Outlook, that will not be fun) I'm guessing that the reason the middle east is full of terrorists is because the average Mohammed doesn't have broadband internet. If he did he would be too busy looking at useless video's such as the Numa Numa guy to go to Jihad.

As for the argument in my last post about whether or not Americans want amnesty: how come no politician will come within 1000 feet of that word? They have to call it something else. Anything else. But not amnesty.

If I say I am "pro-gun" then I am talking about guns. I don't need to say "I'm pro defending yourself" or "I believe in a homeowners right to choose."

The honest politicians say they oppose amnesty and are for deportations. The liars say they oppose anmesty and support "guest workers" or "earned citizenship" or some other euphamism.

I have a lot of stuff built up, stay tuned for lot's of goodies. (someone brought me a copy of the letter DMV is sending out from the Robleto brother's fraud scheme)


BEAR said...

hey, Mr. Daniel, I have to chuckle at you techno-dependent rookies....we still have a rotary-dial phone. Only a cataclysm can take us out. BTW, while you were gone, the lefties were still hell-bent on: sophistry, surrender, appeasement, global warming, and it's all still Bush's fault, so you missed not a thing. Welcome back to lefty denial central.

Kaelri said...

Some of us, Bear, were hell-bent on some other, more penetrative topics to which you have yet to respond. ;)

Nonetheless, welcome back, Daniel. I feel your pain. The Internet is a beautiful thing.

BEAR said...

The denial continues, unabated....and nonsense needs no response, kidiot.

Anonymous said...

What was the ranson and who paid it?

Tim said...

Daniel, Great to have you back...I can tell it's summer, the Global Warming Nazis are out in force claiming it is hotter than it's ever been...and that it is all our fault.

If they feel that strongly, maybe they should remove themselves from the planet to save the planet...oops can't do that, not while there's Grant to be had to study Global Warming and fly around on private jets so they can preach their doom and gloom.

I like the way the Sock Puppets on TV like to inflate the forecasted highs...guess they "Think" that'll support their junk science view of Global warming...oh and don't tell ALGORE but average temps of the last decade have dipped slightly. ALGORE has been telling us for 30 years now that we only have 10 years left before Global Warming Armageddon. For those of you who remember, 30 years ago, we were told we were headed for another “Ice age,” well whatever shtick keeps the grant money coming.

BEAR said...

yesterday was 20 degrees below the 1944 high temp. I think I saw an iceberg float past Astoria. Global cooling, anyone? That's what the leftoads were selling 40 years ago....sheesh.

Kaelri said...

Just setting aside the details, for a moment, wouldn't it at least make sense for technology and information today to be better than it was thirty years ago?

- "...nonsense needs no response, kidiot."

I won't harp on the matter after this, but just for the record, my post of 1:12 PM is what Bear's referring to as "nonsense."

BEAR said...

Further evidence that lefties will never just admit they're wrong, no matter how loud the laughter.

Bruce said...

YYYYYEEEEESSSSS!!!!!.....DANNY'S BACK!!!!!!. Watch out ILLEGALS....Daniel's on the prowl!!. Go get em' Daniel!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Here is your gay games update:

In Basketball it was a barnburner of a day as the Long Beach Rebels squeaked by the US Scrubs 64-63.

In the 10k run, Stefan Henrikkson was clearly the class of this most gay field, winning the event by over 1 minute.

In the party scene, there was plenty of hot love flying around Chicago every night this week at various venues as the city turned into Pride Central.

Seriously, welcome back, to the gay world.

Mike said...

Daniel, your blog is the first one I read every day, and the past few days I have felt like I'm forgetting something, then I remember your technical difficulties. Keep up the good work now that you're back.

Robin said...

welcome back Daniel.

your blog being down is like try to start the day without coffee.

Daniel said...

You guys really know how to make a guy feel good.

Anonymous said...


Note to future for you, GET COMCAST HIGH-SPEED! I've had since it was AT&T (several years) and it is great. It goes down maybe once a year for a few hours, thats it and since you rent the cable modem from them if it breaks they replace it free.