Saturday, July 15, 2006

Technical difficulties

Due to a vast left-wing conspiracy that has been out to get me since I started blogging, my DSL modem has died. Unfortunately I have to wait until Monday to get a new one sent to me.

This is just a brief post from a library computer. (I knew that I paid property taxes for a reason)

Rest assured I have not gone away. I will be back with a vengence next week and will be getting back to my mission of putting Halliburton in charge of everything, opressing indigenous people around the world, raising gas prices through some loophole in the free market that economists can't seem to explain and forcing women to live their lives barefoot and pregnant.

Until then I guess I will have to spend some time outdoors or with my family... man I miss the internet already!


Anonymous said...

Daniel, you are just in time. The gay games begin at 6 PM Pacific tonight. Its time to celebrate the pride that we all have. GO GAY GAMES CHICAGO 2006!

BEAR said...

"It just goes to show you it's always something....if it's not one thing, it's another." (who's quote is this?)....Zarqawi....or the palestinian authority?

Anonymous said...

If'n ya had Cable youd be fixed by now!

Roger Doger said...


Greater Support for the Senate's Immigration Plan
Sunday, July 16, 2006; Page B06

In his July 6 op-ed column, "A Senate 'Terrorist Loophole,' " Robert D. Novak makes the oft-repeated but unsubstantiated claim that "the polls show clear public preference for the House bill." That's not true.

Nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of respondents in a recent nationwide Post-ABC News poll agreed with the Senate bill that undocumented immigrants who have lived in our country for a certain number of years should be allowed to apply for legal status and eventually become citizens.

Only 14 percent favor a plan that would force the undocumented to return to their home countries, as the House bill would require. A Time magazine poll in January found that 76 percent of Americans favor allowing illegal immigrants now in this country to earn U.S. citizenship if they learn to speak English, have a job and pay taxes.

Republicans stand behind such a plan. A Tarrance Group poll last month found that 75 percent of likely Republican voters support immigration reform that would allow illegal immigrants to receive a temporary-worker permit and then progress toward citizenship. Only 17 percent of likely Republican voters opposed this plan.

Although Mr. Novak is right to identify potential problems in the recently passed immigration bills, the House-Senate conference committee will need to fix such shortcomings rather than reject either bill in its entirety.

Americans clearly support a rational, compassionate and practical solution to our immigration woes -- best exemplified in the Senate bill.


U.S. Representative (R-Ariz.)

How did the "know-nothing" faction of the Republican party get so out of touch with the American Citizens?

Roger Doger said...


White House political strategist Karl Rove said Tuesday that the highly charged immigration debate has "clouded" the views of some Americans, leading them to dismiss the importance of immigrants and their contributions to the nation.[you think?]

"Everything that this country is, everything that we have achieved, everything that we hold, everything that we promise, is because we are a nation of diversity, brought together by immigration, and sharing a common dream," Rove told members of the nation's largest Hispanic civil rights group, the National Council of La Raza, gathered in Los Angeles.

Alluding to the deadlock over immigration reform on Capitol Hill, Rove said the debate had "clouded the views of some people in America and led them to fail to understand that Hispanics, and all immigrants, are real Americans."

"It is vital that our country not fall into this trap," he said.

At least Rove gets it. Now, what is the matter with the rest of you know-nothing creeps. Air thin where you are?

BEAR said...

two concepts put the lie to your point raza.....reconquista. A quote for you..."It's not that the left doesn't know anything, it's that most of what they know, isn't so."

I invented the mullet said...

roger (the) dodger,
How can you walk around with your pants on fire?

ex-Republican said...

Well, it looks like the pair of Republican jerk-offs, bear and mullet, coundn't answer either question. Looks like roger dodger hit a nerve.

My view:

-All the immigrants in this country are going to stay put and continue to work. The majority of Americans want them legalized, so they shall be.

-The Republican Party with it's panties in a bunch will take a hit in the upcoming election for the minority few's bigotry and racism.

-The Republican Party will further fracture over racism and anti-immigrant attitudes. Bush and pro-immigrant Republicans have already verbally lambasted the bigots learking in their party.

-The Senate Bill will be a reality come November due to the Republicans fearing the wrath of latino voters.

Anonymous said...

" The majority of Americans want them legalized, so they shall be"

Tell us more Mother Goose!

Anonymous said...


SWEEP: Homeland Security arrests 154 illegal immigrants in Ohio...

click,click,click . . .

Here comes the Judge!

I invented the mullet said...

Oh, man! You're so funny!

BEAR said...

the predictions are on the table....we'll see in november.

Anonymous said...

Roger "the Draft" Dodger... the article about the majority of Americans supporting amnesty is BS. I'm sure the wording of the poll takers was "immigrants" instead of illegal aliens, and "guest workers program" vs. "amnesty". No AMERICAN would support an amnesty of 15-20 million illegal aliens. Also, Karl Rove is a moron, who spoke in front of the Hispanics version of the KKK... La Raza. Back to Canada with you Roger!

Kaelri said...

"No AMERICAN would support an amnesty of 15-20 million illegal aliens."

Just so I understand you: would that mean that any American who chooses to support amnesty ceases, in so doing, to be an American?

Anonymous said...

I support legalization of illegal immigrants--call it amnesty if you will-- and I am Republican, an American, a business owner, and a veteran. I just ask that they make an attept to learn english.

Anonymous said...

daniel--taxes??? i thought you wanted to reduce taxes? oh yea thats right just the ones you dont use.

Anonymous said...

How Diverse!!

EVERETT, Wash. (AP) — A Snohomish County Superior Court judge set bail at $50,000 Monday for a 17-year-old Mexican girl who police say left her newborn in a black plastic garbage bag in Marysville.

The news link:

Anonymous said...

Rove is a big reason Bush is in trouble. Americans want to feel secure. With Illegal DRUGS and who knows who, streaming across the Mexican border, we are not secure. POLLS, Surveys, (click on, left side; polls)from all over America via TV, Radio and papers, show MOST Americans do not want amnesty. Of Course ABC's push poll with evasive and pc wording was misinterpreted.
I also read that TIME poll in Jan.
The cover was a photo of a man from Mexico and his very nice house, titled "The underground economy" (L.A. County has 600,000 being paid "under the table") and how he has become a wealthy man via exploiting his own Countrymen working here.
That TIME poll also asked "Do you support the deportation of Illegal Immigrants?" 51% said YES!

Even Liberal & Hispanic California has voted against License's for Illegals and Schooling for the same. So has Arizona.

Roger, in a Free society the only thing that stops chaos is the rule of law, important laws are being violated, chaos therein reigns.

Ask the wives of the 3 San Diego policemen who just had their HEADS CUT OFF, while patrolling the border area.
1 MILLION people Sexually Molested by ILLEGAL Aliens is chaos.
Sen. Smith & Wyden, voting for a fence and more Border agents and then voting against the funding on Fri. is CHAOS! Not the rule of the laws they passed.

Roger, I bet I could find a poll that says many people agree with Sex with a 10 yr. old boy too, does that make it right?

Anonymous said...

A better report:

17-Year-Old Faces Child Abandonment Charge

Anonymous said...

For more proof that most Americans do not want amnesty again, go to, left side polls.

This site is the best for daily news on illegal aliens from all over America.
If you lefties actually read report after report on the crime etc. You would not be so sympathetic.

Anonymous said...

"See the irony is that what they need to do is get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this (expletive) and it's over," Bush told Blair as he chewed on a buttered roll.

We'd all be better off if he was like this all the time!

fish_on said...

How Unskilled Immigrants Hurt Our Economy

Anonymous said...

Here... I'll make this easy for you Kaelri. If you support the amnesty of 15-20 million illegal aliens than you are not an AMERICAN! Anyone who would support such a crazy idea is one of two things: 1. Naive, or 2. a traitor. This Guest Worker/Amnesty fiasco will eventually destroy our way of life. How's that Kaelri... simple enough for even you to understand? I know that some people won’t want to hear what I just said because the truth hurts… so be it.

CPO Dan Jezeski, USCG(Ret.)

Kaelri said...

Hm, yes, I think I've got it. "Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us" is treasonous. 'Cause we're a Christian nation.

(Only being playful there, of course, though I hope it'll make some people think.)

Though I also puzzle at the idea that one can't be simultaneously American and naive.

Bobkatt said...

Daniel, with all this response I hope you don't feel unnecessary. Roger remember poles are like a__holes, everyone seems to have one. And they only offer up the ones that they agree with. Do you really see no problem with the mass exodus of millions of immigrants to America? Do you really think we should only obey the laws we agree with? Do you really not see a threat of terrorists making their way across those same borders? Do you really not see a problem with millions of people coming here that I believe probably don't share your view on abortion, pollution, population control, and the importance of education?

Kaelri, Though I also puzzle at the idea that one can't be simultaneously American and naive.
That is obviously possible, I voted for Bush twice. I just wish we could come to the realization that both sides are corrupt beyond repair and demand a solution that takes the power back from the professional politicians and lobbyists and gives it to the people where it belongs. We need to help Mexico build up it's economy and tear down it's corruption so they have a viable opportunity to live in dignity and don't want to come here.

Anonymous said...

And #8 on the hit parade, "Thou Shalt Not Steal."

Kaelri said...

- "I just wish we could come to the realization that both sides are corrupt beyond repair and demand a solution that takes the power back from the professional politicians and lobbyists and gives it to the people where it belongs. We need to help Mexico build up it's economy and tear down it's corruption so they have a viable opportunity to live in dignity and don't want to come here."

That... was remarkably cogent. Well said.

Rick Hickey said...

Roger, The people of America have spoken. Politicians do not step in scary waters unless they know they will get re-elected.

By Jerry Seper
Published July 18, 2006

State lawmakers are offering more than 500 bills this year targeting state-mandated services, illegal aliens and the employers who hire them, responding to a growing chorus of public opinion nationwide calling for stricter enforcement of immigration laws.
Led by Georgia, where benefits for illegal aliens were cut and stiff sanctions placed on employers who hire illegals, and by Colorado, which banned nonemergency services to those in the country illegally, at least 39 states have either proposed or passed similar legislation.
Lawmakers have focused on constituency concerns regarding an estimated 10 million to 12 million illegal aliens now in the country, resulting in rising costs for education and medical care, higher crime rates and exploitation by employers.
Georgia lawmakers passed and Gov. Sonny Perdue, a Republican, signed legislation this year requiring adults seeking benefits to prove their U.S. citizenship, sanctioning employers who hire illegals and requiring companies with state contracts to check employees' legal status. The Georgia laws also require police to check the legal status of people they arrest.
The bill's author, state Sen. Chip Rogers, called it "the strongest single bill in America dealing with illegal immigration -- bar none." He told The Washington Times that it was intended to send a message that "while the federal government is not enforcing its immigration laws, the state of Georgia takes those laws seriously."
In Colorado, new legislation requires employers to show that new hires are in the country legally and makes it a felony for an illegal to vote. It also put two measures on the November ballot: one barring employers from receiving state tax assistance if they hire illegals and another allowing the state attorney general to sue the U.S. government to force compliance with immigration laws.
"If they've been taking benefits illegally, that's wrong," said Gov. Bill Owens, a Republican who worked with House Speaker Andrew Romanoff and Senate President Joan Fitz-Gerald, both Democrats, to pass the legislation.
With federal immigration reform stalled on Capitol Hill, several states are proposing their own laws. More than 500 bills have been introduced this year covering a variety of topics, including employment, access to public benefits and voting rights, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.
The conference said 57 bills were passed this year, while others were vetoed and several more are awaiting gubernatorial action.
Other bills were passed in Arizona and Illinois, where U.S. citizenship or legal immigrant status is required to receive health benefits. Kansas will only provide unemployment benefits to citizens and those with legal immigration status, Wyoming bars noncitizens and nonlegal permanent residents from state scholarships, and New Hampshire requires proof of citizenship to register to vote.
In Louisiana, a new law allows any state agency to investigate a contractor's hiring policies if the employment of illegal aliens is suspected and says prosecutors can issue an order to fire the illegals and fine those employers who do not comply.
Other bills were passed in Pennsylvania, which prohibits illegal aliens on projects financed by grants or loans from the state; Tennessee, which bars companies from state contracts for a year after they hired illegal aliens; Missouri, which prohibits learner's permits, driver's licenses or renewal licenses to people illegally in the country; and Virginia, where students with temporary or student visa status are ineligible for in-state tuition.
Several bills also were vetoed, including in Arizona, where lawmakers in the Republican-controlled Legislature sought to criminalize illegal entry and allow trespassers to be prosecuted. They were vetoed by Gov. Janet Napolitano, a Democrat.
Federal law requires states to provide some services to illegal aliens, including education and emergency medical care, but not other services, including continued health care and unemployment benefits.

Anonymous said...

In the end ALL illegal aliens will be made citizens in this country.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it: Daniel is being held hostage in Lebanon, OR.

His hostage-takers Chebby Van broke down.

Anonymous said...

Jeez...i could have built a DSL modem by now...

Anonymous said...

DSL = Driving to Salt Lake?