Friday, July 28, 2006

50 cuts: Day 3

Yet another state agency that we could live without once Ron Saxton becomes governor:

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission

Their goals:

Provide optimal revenue in support of state and local governments.

Promote Commission employee growth through creating and nourishing a rich environment.

So government like to make money of alcohol sales and one of their goals is to further their own existance, kind of like a parasite.

So how many state employees does it take to make money off of liquor sales? (Get your mouse wheel ready for some scrolling)

OLCC Employee List

Now if you had a stated goal or reducing drunk driving and $5 million dollars (a made up number) would you invest that money in:

(a) more state police to patrol the roads
(b) a bunch of regulatory bureaucrats

Especially considering that the police patrol for people drunk on beer/wine/cough syrup that isn't covered by the regulatory bureaucrats, I think that I am going to go with A.

While I don't think a single Oregonian (other than the employees) would miss the OLCC if it went away tommorow this is really a no-brainer for conservatives. It would save taxpayer dollars, reduce the size of government and create a more free market for liquor sales.

Please Ron Saxton, keep governments hands off of our bottles!


Conservative4Real said...

"...once Ron Saxton becomes governor"

bawhaahahaha...Saxton becomes governor. The Liberal Ron Saxton


Anyone who would trust Saxton is crazy. He's scammin' the folks.

I am Coyote responds:

You cannot seperate just the one instance (the staffer). When you take that instance with Saxton's historical support of Democrats, his historical NON support of Republicans and his close ties with the Goldschmidts, it equals a Democrat and not a Republican.

One or two of the above instances might be understood or overlooked if Saxton also showed a history of supporting the party. He has not.

The unfortunate thing for Saxton is that he has had four years to get out there and stump for some Republicans. He didn't.

At what point do you call someone a Democrat?

Gullyborg responds:

Saxton talks, walks, and acts like a democRat.

DANIEL responds:

Ron Saxston - Representing the Ben Westlund wing of the Republican party.

I also know now that Ron Saxton will never be governor of Oregon. One because this latest round of attacks, now on Loren Parks, shows that he is desperate. Two because he won't be able to hold the party united together.-NW Republican 5/1/06

Now you know why I laugh

John Eyler said...

I am absolutlely with you on this one Daniel, no more OLCC.

As to Ron Saxton. He's the Republican candidate who might have a chance of getting into the governors mansion. The option is four more years of Kulongowski. Saxton may not be great but for conservatives to just dismiss him is to shackle the growth of the Oregon Republican party.

Get the man in office and then light a fire just below his midsection and hold him there.

R_equals_BS said...

From a budgetary, not ethical, standpoint, I find it curious why you would want to cut one of the top revenue producers for the state?

Daniel said...

I disagree with Saxton on a lot of things. He is not as conservative as I would like. But this is a great opportunity for us to have a governor who would start to turn this state in the right direction.

As for this being a money maker for the state, they could sell beer/computers/cars/dvd's and all that to make money but I don't want them to. Provide police, fire, roads etc.

BEAR said...

hey, r=bs, (and I still hope you name starts with an r), the olcc COSTS the taxpayers $200 million/yr.! Do your homework....sheesh.

R_equals_BS said...

"As for this being a money maker for the state, they could sell beer/computers/cars/dvd's and all that to make money but I don't want them to. Provide police, fire, roads etc."

Just to be clear, cutting OLCC in your mind would make a way to provide more police, firefighters, and roads?

BEAR said...

public safety is job #1 for ALL governments. It shouldn't be a lower priority than, or dependent on, money "left over" after the bureaucrats fully fund their pet projects. Please note that ALL governments put public safety budgets last (ala the Wapato Jail, early release, non-prosecution of property crimes or theft, ad nauseum), while bike paths, and other nonsense get funded first. Mr. Daniel's 50 cuts list is FULL of such poorly prioritized (and unnecessary) budget items at the State level. Just think of the wasted tax dollars at the County and local levels. For instance, the City of Portland clearly underfunds law enforcement, but is spending $15 million it doesn't even HAVE for more trolley tracks, not to mention the idiotic tram. ODOT and the OLCC are glittering wastes of tax dollars, which can easily be seen by researching both industries.

R_equals_BS said...

bear if your homework is better, please share.

To me it appears after revenue distribution, the cost is somewhere around $62 M.

A program cut would eliminate any distribution (appx $124 M), as well as operating cost.

So you're saving about $62-$63 M?

To what advantage - privatized regulation? Or no regulation at all?

Mike said...

How many cops does $62 million pay for??

Ron Saxton is a liberal said...

But this is a great opportunity for us to have a governor who would start to turn this state in the right direction.

To turn the state, or the Republican party? All Saxton is doing is proving that Rinos have taken control of the Oregon Republican Party.

A vote for Saxton is a vote for liberal demoRat pet projects--you know, the ones you "conservatives" are ranting that are wasting tax dollars. Saxton's alliance with Goldschmidt and the Democratic party is too much to overlook when priciples are at stake.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hell, even my leftie-hippie friends in Southeast Portland agree, the OLCC has got to go!