Sunday, July 02, 2006

You don't say

County spending millions on illegal immigrants
San Bernardino County is spending an estimated $38 million annually on health, child care and legal services for illegal immigrants, according to the county grand jury’s new report.

The final report, released on Friday, calls for the Board of Supervisors to require all county departments and agencies to begin tracking and publishing the cost of providing services to illegal immigrants.

No mention of how many cherries are able to be picked with the stem still on them to counteract all the costs to the taxpayer. (Here is your ice cream sundae with cherry on top, that will be $7,835 please)

Seriously, how was this grand jury convened? We can't even have an auditor of the Portland School district because the superintendent keeps "interfering" with the auditor's work. (For good reasons like "we are trying to pass another new tax" and it doesn't help if you are showing wasted money)

Not only did this grand jury identify the costs, they also provided solutions. It sure would be nice to have that kind of problem solving here.


MAX Redline said...

Publishing these costs, the report stated, might encourage state and federal governments to “finally take action to solve this issue.”

That, together with their idea of returning all illegal alien prisoners to ICE, is a good start - but I don't think it really qualifies as a solution.

I'm guessing that rather than doing the proper and responsible thing - deporting them - ICE will simply dump them back onto our streets.

And that's really the root problem here: for too long, our governments have not been doing the proper and responsible things.

Allen said...

It pays to Support your Local DA!

Brent said...

Anybody think this was another 'cultural difference' that caused this?

or this one:
Central Texas woman run off road, raped

KS said...

What ever came of the bill that the Sheriff of Umatilla County - Jim Trumbo supposedly presented for ~$360.000 (for the cost of accomodating illegal aliens in their jails) to Mexican Pres. Vicente Fox back in May when was visiting in Yakima ?

Was this covered anywhere ?

Anonymous said...

Those were horible stories brent... more American lives needlessly ruined because of illegal aliens. I'm sure if there was a puppy around they would of raped that too.

Mike said...

Wow, someone from California is doing something smart for a change!

MAX Redline said...


Yes, that was covered on KXL a few weeks after he sent them the bill.

The government of Mexico didn't respond - not, the sheriff noted, that he really expected them to.