Friday, July 07, 2006

Some Republicans are racists

2006 NCLR Annual Conference

NCLR = National Council of "The Race"

Clinton, Rove, Villagerosa. That's the speaker lineup. I, for one, am proud to have been calling Rove names for quite some time now. Of course, this is just another of Bush's boys who have a love-fest with the Brown version of the Aryan Nation.

From my AG Gonzales Bashing days:
On March 8, 2005 Gonzales gave a speech to his "people" at the National Council of 'The Race" Capitol Awards Gala. During this speech Gonzales said that "I am humbled and grateful to stand on the shoulders of groups like La Raza." (La Raza = The Race) At this same event Chairwomen Janet Murguia said that: "We are going to put our people first."

So while Rove is "putting [the race] first" I guess that means that those of us with the wrong skin color sit in the back of the bus. No word on whether or not I can ride my wife's brown coattails to the front of the bus with the rest of the privileged.

*Barf bag needed alert*
Click here to view a video of other NCLR conferences where Bush says, in Spanish, that he is going to "build bridges, not walls." Bush senior says "keep up the good work for La Raza" which means to keep up the good work for the race. Of course, they are joined by John Kerry, Bill Clinton and Al Gore.

No word on whether or not the event, Latinas Brunch: Young, Fabulous and Latina will allow white folks to sit at the same lunch counter as the brown folks.

From NCLR:
Corporations such as PepsiCo, Bank of America, State Farm Insurance Companies, UPS, and Johnson & Johnson believe that partnering with NCLR – the largest, most influential Hispanic advocacy organization in the U.S. – expands their engagement with the Hispanic community and gives them a direct way to support vital programs that serve the community.

On the same page:
The U.S. Latino population remits billions of dollars to Latin America: $45.8 billion in 2004.

A big "go to Hell" to all the companies that support a racist group that brags about how much money leaves the American economy each year. I hope that your stock tanks, your CEO's are imprisoned and your companies dissolved.

As for our "Republicans" who attend these Klan meetings, I hope that your political lives are over, your influence gone and that when people see you in the street they look at you with disgust.


Rick Hickey said...

Want to know how far the invasion has spread?
My Mother in law, "Songbird" Cindy sang in the Paul Revere ride Rally in Madison Wisconsin yesterday.
75 Hispanics banged on drums, played flutes and chanted
They drowned out anything that Frost Woolridge had to say and her ILLEGAL Alien song; Are you lonely in a small town tonight?

These people are Militant Reconquista's and have no interest in being Americans. They are taking over the Nation.
Politicians speaking before the Council of the RACE is more proof.

PEOPLE, America may not last forever. What are you doing about it?

Daniel said...

And this is all done with the participation of our "leaders." Did you watch that video? Sickening.