Thursday, July 13, 2006

Now hiring

City of Portland Announces An Open Recruitment for: Police Desk Clerk
Police Desk Clerks provide specialized services in support of the Police Bureau; incumbents are required to pass an in-depth background investigation. Specialized services may include, but are not limited to, receiving graphic emails, satisfying your supervisor, being a "good listener" when it comes to classfied department info and not suing us.

Applicants must possess the following:

Ability to establish and maintain effective communication with a diversity of others, both in person and over the phone

Ability to learn rules, regulations, and procedures related to providing support to the Police Bureau

Must love chocolate

Ability and willingness to delete incriminating emails on a regular basis

Ability to work "under" your supervisor without complaining

To Apply

Send a clean STD check and a sample dirty email to Commander Derrick Foxworth...

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slow news day