Monday, July 03, 2006

Mark you calendar

Healthy Kids Learn Better Summer Institute 2006

Things to be discussed:

Because there is nothing healthy about being American.

Implementing Comprehensive, Research-based Sexuality Education...step by step!
By "research based" they mean that they will include things like "fisting" in their presentation while excluding abstinence. (Because talking about abstinence somehow "promotes" religion)

Strategic Planning for Suicide Prevention Training
Until they are sick and want the states help to kill themselves.

Effective and Sustainable Outreach for a Diverse Population
Goodies for illegals and possibly gays who have AIDS but AIDS isn't a gay disease. It isn't. Really.

Engaging Immigrant Families
How to habla the spanish.

Queer Youth in the Schools: a practical approach to working with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, queer and questioning youth
The new term they are using now is "gender variant youth" to describe freaks who think they are ugly members of the opposite sex.


BEAR said...

WOW!!! Politically correct eating, wellness training for cooks (oops, food service workers!), multiculturism, problem gambling in the schools; NO WONDER they need to have suicide prevention strategies. that for the students.....or for the teachers?

Bruce said...

This is why this country is in a world of shit. This is what they are forcing down our kids throats. A young child does not have the will or bravery to tell an adult who is espousing these thoughts at an assembly to "shut up with that crap and teach us how to get along in the world the proper way". THIS IS A PLAN!!!! Make no mistake about it. The secular progressive's are doing this on purpose...this is not coincidence!. They are forceful, methodical in their approach and have a long patience to break down societies will. What scares me is that IT IS WORKING. Maybe not on Me or Daniel or Bear but on a good amount of people in this country that don't realize what this group is doing.

Shaky Louie said...

Hmmm...America will be 230 years old tomorrow - I wonder how long she's got left if this kind of crap keeps up?

Now, I'll wait while the "moral equivalency" artists paint me a picture...

And, lest I forget -
Have a great Independence Day, Daniel, Bruce, Bear, Max, and all the other America supporters out there! The rest of you...move!

Anonymous said...

Little wonder why the Moslems want to kill us all.

All the more reason why all males in the US need to start taking Testosterone pills.

You will find them at your nearest Vitamin store and they are easily affordable.

BEAR said...

THANX, shaky! Right back atcha! An ironic note: Maybe the kids could learn better and learn more if reading, writing, math, science, history, economics, and geography were taught, instead of the unmitigated garbage in that session. Shameful.