Thursday, July 27, 2006

Reason for hope

Oregon employers use program to screen immigrants
Oregon employers are using a federal program to increase their efforts to verify the immigration status of workers.

The Basic Pilot Program lets employers verify documents supplied by job applicants by checking the Social Security Administration and the Department of Homeland Security databases.

Enforcing our current laws, rather than passing amnesty bills, will solve the illegal alien problem. Once they can't get work, can't get drivers licences, can't get taxpayer services, and can't rent an apartment then they will go home. (And Daniel will do a little dance)

NOTE: This program does not screen "immigrants" as the headline suggests, it screen work eligibility. You and I would both be screened if our employers use this program. It is for everyone who wants to work.


Anonymous said...

All we need now is a Poster for employers to display informing their customers of their being in compliance with Immigration Law!!

Something with a US Flag and an Eagle on it.

BEAR said...

I was screened to the point of showing my original birth certifate and certificate of naturalization almost 20 years ago, so why can't our own STATE step up? The corruption evident in Oregon's policies is sickening!!

MAX Redline said...

As I've noted before, I work with a couple of naturalized citizens, and all it takes to set them off is to bring up illegal aliens.

They really get ticked. They jumped through the hoops and filled out all the paperwork - and it's a long, slow process - and they're really blown away by the fact that our government just lets folks walk in with no health screening, no nothing.

If you think illegal aliens bug you, you ought to talk with these guys!

Scottiebill said...

The illegals are "doing the jobs that Americans won't do". That is because the employers of the illegals will not hire the Americans, or even consider their applications, in favor of the illegals who will do the job for half the wages. That is "reverse discrimination" in it's most blatant form.

Anonymous said...

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