Thursday, July 20, 2006

No habla security senator Smith?

Why exists:

Amendment No: S. Amendment 4659 to HR 5441
(Dept of Homeland Security Appropriations Act, 2007)

Purpose: To appropriate an additional $1,829,400,000 to construct double-layered fencing and vehicle barriers along the Southwest border and to offset such increase by reducing all otherdiscretionary amounts on a pro-rata basis

Smith (R-OR), Nay

Amendment No: S. Amendment 4660 to HR 5441
(Dept of Homeland Security Appropriations Act, 2007)

Purpose: To appropriate an additional $85,670,000 to enable the Secretary of Homeland Security to hire 800 additional full-time active duty investigators to investigate immigration laws violators and to offset such increase on a pro-rata basis.

Smith (R-OR), Nay

So what can we spend our money on if not to protect our borders and enforce our laws? Check out the Citizens Against Government Waste page on Oregon's 2006 pork spending.


BEAR said...

Even the radio news guys have wondered out loud why Smith is sprinting to the left. Apparently he hasn't read Nigel Jaquiss's front page Willamette Week piece titled RED DAWN. It's an eye-opener, and makes Smith's votes even more inexplicable.

axe01 said...

I suspect the senator has been hiring a LOT of illegals to work in his plants, doing work that "Anglos" "won't do." He is the definition of "cheap labor," regardless of the cost to his constituents.

Tim said...

Smith does tend to tilt to the left. I'm still waiting for someone to point out where in the Constitution of the United States it authorizes any of the expenditures listed on the Citizens Against Government Wastes web site.

But hell, Democrats or Republicans alike don't follow the constitution they have sworn to obey and protect, it's more like abuse and neglect. I'd be willing to bet that 80% or more of the Federal expenditures are unconstitutional, but hey when you're buying votes what's the Constitution got to do with anything...doesn't stop Senior Smith

Rick Hickey said...

Daniel, welcome back!

Smith can go away forever, we hope.

OFIR meeting in Sept., Same day as Carousel in Woodburn, will feature a LEGAL immigrant, who helped other LEGAL immigrants, She is also a published author.

Join us in welcoming Yeah Ling-Ling on Sept. 9th.

Almost 5 years to the day when several ILLEGAL Aliens KILLED 3,000 people with airplanes flown into the W.T.C.

And yes these people can STILL get our License with an 8 Yr. expiration, to avoid being watched.

Smith, Wyden, Kulongoski are the ones responsible.

With your help & OFIR, we will do what we can to get rid of them before more people DIE!

My friends at 9-11 Families for a Secure America just reminded the Rep. committee from DC. that 9-11 can happen again and it is hard for these Terrorists to plan outside of the Country.

HMIL said...

And just a few weeks ago I got a personalized form letter from the Senator Himself, talking about how He believes that "we cannot continue to absorb the flow of illegal immigrants, many of whom benefit from government services that American citizens and companies provide."

He goes on to brag:

During the Senate's debate on S. 2611, I voted for numerous amendments that would strengthen our order while preventing illegal aliens from receiving benefits for breaking our laws. I voted to make English our official language and to require hundreds of miles of improved fencind and vehicle barriers along the border. I also supported an amendment that would prevent any guest worker program from going into effect until all border security enhancements are completed. Finally, I supported an amendment that would prevent illegal aliens from receiving Social Security benefits based on their unauthorized work history."

So ... by voting *NAY* on both of these sentate bills ... he "voted for them before he voted against them"??? He's for preventing the guest worker program from going into effect before improvements are completed ... and then votes to keep the thing from getting completed ... so he's happy to let the illegals come in and run free 'cause he won't vote to get the improvements made.

I don't trust this man. I don't know how he can call himself a conservative choice for Oregonians ... he sure isn't!!

Anonymous said...

Could be Ronnie has cut Gordy in for a part of the Portland action once the Manhattan'ites achieve total control?

A few more PDC pork projects and they will have it.

Scottiebill said...

HMIL: That sounds a whole lot like Kerry in 2004, does it not? One has to wonder if Kerry is Smith's mentor and brain-washing him into a move to the hard-left and into the arms of the likes of Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Biden, and worst of all, Kennedrunk. The next thing you know, he will be running around hugging Jesse Jackson, like that picture of Jackson and Cindy Sheehan. Talk about stuck on stupid!!

veritas said...

Why haven't you been to the honorable Sen. Smith's website? Make sure you click on the "en esapnol" option. I'm pleased to know that those voters who don't speak english will be not be denied access to their elected representative.

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