Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Disagree with us and it's "hate"

The thing I love most about liberals is that when they can't win an argument on merit they revert to name-calling. According to them, 57% of Oregonians are all hate-mongers. (Measure 36)

At the recently held 2006 Oregon Hate Crimes Conference we have some interesting workshop titles that show us that liberals aren't worried so much about the "crime" aspect of so-called "hate-crimes," they are worried that they won't be able to turn this country into Holland unless they smear people that disagree with them.

Climate of Hate: How Oregon's Anti-Gay Ballot Issues Promote Hate and Violence
No crime here.

When Hate Stops Short of Crime: Addressing Hate-Based harassment in Housing, the Workplace and Public Places
Harassment is a crime but apparently it is "stopping short" here.

Enriching the Community by Embracing the Latino Culture
According to the Mexican consul their culture includes rape.

Bias and Hate Associated with US Immigration Policy
As opposed to bias and hate associated with Mexico's immigration policy. And don't even mention the unofficial policies which include rape and robbery. (See Embracing Latino Culture above)

Silent Victims of Hate: Migrant Workers
Silent criminals: Illegal migrant workers.

Practical Tips for community Members in Responding Effectively to Hate/Bias Incidents
It's gone from "hate-crime" to bias incident. Bias incidents are sure to include things like "teaching your Children that homosexuality is wrong" and "enforcing our immigration laws."

Confronting the Religious Roots of Anti-Gay Bias
This is what they have as a caption: If churches, mosques and synagogues were either silent about gay people or supportive in rhetoric and action, the political climate of our nation would shift. Pretty telling. If they can just silence us then they will get their way.

The New White Nationalism: Countering the Anti-Immigrant Movement and Advancing Immigrant Rights
No irony that in a conference that is supposed to be about "crime" that these people will smear those of us who suggest that law-breakers should not be rewarded.

So it's not about punishing criminals, (because if it were then liberals would oppose it) it's about shaming people into "staying silent" or supporting liberal causes.


MAX Redline said...

LOL! Yes, two of the favorite words of the Libset are "hate" and "hypocrite". These are lavishly applied to anybody who disagrees with them.

If we note that illegal aliens are, well, here illegally - we immediately get branded with one or the other of the "h" words.

That's because they can't win on logic, so they seek to stir emotion. And when that doesn't fly, they pull out their "trump" card: "I'm done wasting my time with you".

This means that they recognize that they can't win the argument, so they hope to pull a few folks to their side by declaring that you're an idiot loser - even as the actual idiot loser is running away from debate as fast as his or her little legs can go.

Anonymous said...

So then, it must have been hate that caused the herd to shove Bambi's little brother to the edge of the pack and then run off leaving him for the wolves to eat?

I'll bet the antelope put them up to it!

Shaky Louie said...

After having read this latest post, y'all will excuse me while I -
run, screaming, into the night !

The LLL's logic circuits are completly fried !

BEAR said...

I wonder what word the loony left hypocrites use to describe the movie-making butchers from the STILL SILENT and UNREPENTANT "RELIGION OF PEACE!!" Oh, yeah, they call them the good friends of the left.....sheesh.

KS said...

If you disagree with the illegal aliens being here and encroaching on our land, we are labeled as racists.
If you disagree about the legalization of gay marriage or infestation of gay cirriculum in schools, we are labeled as homophobes and fascists. The fringe groups think that they can get traction from these tactics because they have been able to get away with it. Political correctness is encroaching on our freedom. Follow the money and that's what drives these agendas. Welcome to the culture war !

True, they can't win their arguments and so they will resort to name calling and emotional dysfunction.

Daniel said...

It is therefore our duty to be unapologetic about our beliefs and even to be politically incorrect to the point of excess.