Thursday, July 20, 2006

Bush unable to sell us out this year

US immigration reform unlikely before election
Mexican President Vicente Fox revealed that Bush spoke to him about the Immigration Reform bill currently being debated by Congress when the two leaders met at the G-8 summit in Russia at the weekend.

Both men are advocates of reform but Bush cautioned that time was against them in this term.

"So the chance of the immigration issue reaching approval in the House of Representatives and reaching joint approval isn't very high."

This is great news. We don't need immigration "reform" we need enforcement. And Americans want it NOW! Thankfully this means that while the RINO's like Senator Smith at the national level are willing to sell us out in hopes that we will forget by the time they are up for re-election, local politicians around the country are doing something about this problem.


Ric said...

Courtesy of PoliPundit
Undocumented immigrants being set free

But 17 have walked right out of the jail and into the community - including six who pleaded guilty to human-smuggling felonies - because the U.S. Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency decided it wouldn't transport out of the country people prosecuted under the controversial coyote law.

Earth to President Bush, Calling President Bush. Mr. President.
Llamar a presidente Bush. Sr. presidente.

Enforce our current laws.
- such as deporting the guilty you have already in jail
Secure our border.
- Do we really need to suffer rockets flying in from Mexico to Crawford before the need for this becomes apparent?!

fish_on said...

SCARY: Illegal Aliens Have Govt. Plates!

By Debbie Schlussel

Received this frightening e-mail, which speaks for itself. America continues to be under attack. (GSA is General Service Administration.)

From: [] Sent: Thursday, July 06, 2006 1:02 PM


Dear GSA Fleet Customer,

We recently were advised of criminal activity involving US Government license plates. The incident involved GSA plates, but may apply to your agency owned vehicles as well.

Schlussel: Drivers With These May Be Illegal Aliens
(Photos from

We received a call from Immigration and Customs Service stating they had two of our GSA plates in their custody. It turns out they got the plates from an illegal immigrant smuggler's vehicle trunk. When questioned, the suspect said immigrant and drug smugglers regularly "borrow" Gov't. plates from parked vehicles, use them to do their business, then return them to the Gov't. vehicles within one or two days (before they are noticed missing by the using agency).

It is not only an issue with smugglers, but also a potential national security threat when Gov't. plates are used for criminal purposes. Therefore, we are asking you again to regularly check your GSA vehicles to ensure both plates are there, and if possible keep vehicles in a secured area. If one or both plates are missing, contact your GSA Fleet Management Center right away and report the loss.

Your diligence in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Some advice: If you're stopped by someone with Govt. plates, ask to see ID and a badge.

BEAR said...

What the heck is vicente fox doing anywhere NEAR the G8?? A third world gate crasher "helping" with international economic policy? What's he advising?....that the rest of the G8 send their poor to mexico, so he can charge them as they pass into Arizona?

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