Sunday, July 23, 2006

Department of being disgusted with huge government

Daniel's list of state agencies that he would disband/defund/publicly ridicule if he were governor:

Asian Affairs, Commission on
Athletic Trainers, Board of
Black Affairs, Commission on
Body Piercing Licensing Program
Brand Oregon
Cosmetology, Board of
Denture Technology, Board of
Electrologists, Permanent Color, Tattoo Artists
Hearing Aids, Advisory Council on
Hispanic Affairs Commission
Invasive Species Council, Oregon
Land Conservation/Develop Dept
Landscape Architect Board
Landscape Contractors Board
Land Use Board of Appeals
Liquor Control Commission
Long Term Care Ombudsman
Massage Therapists, Board Of
Mortuary And Cemetery Board
Oregon Film and Video Office
Physical Therapist Licensing Board
Racing Commission
State Interoperability Executive Council
Veterinary Examiners
Women, Commission For
Worksource Oregon

Ok, you can see the complete list of A-Z agencies here for your own ideas but this is my for-sure list. I skipped over some that I would probably cut and some of these the libertarian in me told me to list them.

Some of these are clearly throwbacks to failed liberal movements such as the Commission on [fill in the blank minority] affairs. As if [fill in the blank minority]'s have different affairs than everyone else.

Then you have to wonder about body piercing licensing, tattoos, dentures etc. My position is that these industries would immediately set to regulating themselves and developing adequate standards once these agencies were disbanded. The NRA is not a government agency yet it is the absolute authority on firearms training, you must take an NRA certified class for your concealed carry permit. The National Tattoo Association or the Oregon Tattoo Association would form and license tattoo parlors and tattoo artists.

Next time you hear about government "needing money for the schools" just remember that they seem to have plenty of money for the Board of Massage Therapists!

"The Board of Massage Therapists regulates the practice of massage. This is accomplished by licensing, establishing continuing education requirements, promoting education, administering tests to establish minimum competency to practice and enforcing professional behavior and standards."


Mike said...

I wonder if these make up the 10% of Oregon bureaucracy that Ron Saxton promised to cut if he is elected Governor ... ?

Daniel said...

I don't have any insight as to what his inteded cuts are. I wish that he would use someting like this, along with a list of job descriptions like "multicultural specialist" with the corrections department, and talk specifics.

Anonymous said...
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Scottiebill said...

How about including the Gorge Commission, based primarily on what they did to the Beas a few years ago over their new house overlooking the river, and the article in today's fishwrap about the problems at the Troutdale Airport. The Gorge Commission clearly is putting their tyrannical agenda to save a few trees over pilots safety and the firefighting done by the air tankers that drop water on forest fires. If any plane happens to hit those trees and go down, then all involved parties and their families should sue the Gorge Commission, individually and collectively, for all damages, financial and punitive.

Daniel said...

The Gorge Commision is a one that should get the axe.

BEAR said...

odot has shown itself to be a solution for a non-existent problem. Outsource it!

BEAR said...

If the OLCC were disbanded, the price of spirits, malts, and fermented grape products would be less than those of any neighboring state, since they all charge a sales tax. Just think of the revenue in corporate and income taxes generated in Oregon from out-of-state sales (cross-border and tourists), let alone the increase in total sales to Oregon businesses. An Economic COUP, I daresay.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't the Hispanic Affairs Commission and the Invasive Species Council be combined into one agency?

Anonymous said...
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