Friday, July 07, 2006

Immigration: 0 - 60 mph

What was once an issue that many of us begged them media to talk about (to no avail) has now become so popular that FOXNews has an entire sections of their website dedicated to just immigration stories.

To put it in perspective, the other categories are things such as "world," "sports," and "national."

FOXNews Immigration Section


BEAR said...

hey, Mr. Daniel, when the MAYOR of New York claims his city will collapse without illegals, you KNOW the rest of the country is laughing at him. What a phony, rino buffoon he is. How could the msm ignore such garbage when it insults so many new yorkers? I wonder how the working folks on the east coast like THEIR wages being held down?

Larry B said...

Daniel, did you see the article in the statesman journal that covered uninsured drivers? In a nutshell it pointed out that the states closest to mexico had the highest rate of uninsured drivers, while states like Maine and Vermont had the lowest. It did fail to state the obvious that it could be very likely contributed to ilegal aliens driving with bogus licenses in cars that aren't in their name.

BEAR said...

hey, larry, now THERE'S a surprise!!!

Daniel said...

From a hearing on whether or not to issue Oregon drivers licenses to illegal aliens:


[Officer] Scruggs
Answers that the problem of unlicensed drivers would not change as many [illegal aliens] drive without insurance anyway.