Saturday, March 18, 2006

A facinating conversation

The following are excerpts from a hearing held on HB 2608 which would require proof of citizenship to get an Oregon drivers license.

[Officer] John Scruggs
Police Officer, Washington County. Testifies in support of HB 2608. Argues that the bill is not anti-immigrant. Explains that it is important for a person to prove legal residency to be issued a driver license.

Rep. Hunt (D) - Mexico
Asks if HB 2608 would create a larger pool of unlicensed drivers.

[Officer] Scruggs
Answers that the problem of unlicensed drivers would not change as many [illegal aliens] drive without insurance anyway.

Rep. Boone (D) - Mexico
Asks how a person could get two licenses with the same photo but different information.

[Officer] Scruggs
Answers that a person would obtain two consular matriculars with two different names.

The testimony goes on for a while longer with notable stars such as Ruth Bendl and Jim Ludwick and notorious criminal apologist Ramon Ramierez all having a moment to speak.

I just thought it was interesting to point out what law enforcement sees every day. Illegal aliens drive with no insurance and illegal aliens get multiple ID's. That's first hand knowledge from a man on the street.


Ken said...

In 2002, John Scruggs ran against Brad Avakian for the District 34 representative seat, losing by 10 points. As a Democrat goes, Avakian is not bad, but it's too bad Scruggs couldn't have won that race.

RINO WATCH said...

The most egregious fact about HB2608 is that Rep. George Gilman, the chairman of the House Trans Comm, PREVENTED--FAILED to bring the bill to the floor for passage.

Gilman was/is today against the concept of not allowing illegal aliens Oregon Drivers licenses!

Gilman IS probably the number 1 RINO in Oregon today!

Gilman was THE ONLY REPUBLICAN? TO VOTE NO ON THE JESSICA'S LAW BILL HB3507 Nays, 9--Dingfelder, RINO-GEORGE GILMAN, Greenlick, Hansen, Nolan, Rosenbaum, Shields, Tomei, Wirth)

Gilman is running Unopposed for reelection. How Sad!

MAX Redline said...

LOL! The D-Mexico tag was a great touch. As usual, you approach a divisive topic with incredible humor and respect.

Daniel said...

Scruggs is definitely on our side. He's a good man.

Gilman is worthless.

That's who they represent!

Side note: The server that my blog is on seems to be still having some problems. Hopefully it gets resolved soon. Thanks for your patience.

BEAR said...

Gentlemen, and Ladies, the points you make here are relevant in and of themselves. You also make the larger point that we must be adamant about supporting any candidate willing to betray the electorate, I.E.: Gilman. Rinos are bad for the state and the conservative movement. Please consider a firmer approach to the Republicans running for Governor. Their feet must be kept in the fire beyond the primary. They must understand that their support will evaporate if they abandon their base on important issues.

Oregon Infidel said...

As a former Police Officer, I can tell you first hand that multiple matricular card and Oregon D.L.'s were a VERY common sight. The interesting sidebar to this is that I was a cop in CALIFORNIA! I saw multiple OREGON D.L.'s issued to the same person all the time.

Anonymous said...

The Matricula is now the #3 form of ID used to get a License in Oregon. This Matricula card is still accepted by AIRLINES to Board a plane.
The Mexican Government has now sold over 4.7 million cards here.
The Matricula is not accepted by the Port of Entry's. As of this December 31st, The Matricula will NO longer be accepted for Travel by Plane or Boat between us and Mexico & Canada. Phase one of the REALD ID Act. Phase two is Spring 2008, Driver's License will be secured. Unless DMV issues special "Priviledge Card" That Gillman/Youngs/Kulongoski/Democrats wants. Tennessee did this for 2 years and stopped last week.
Gee, too much crime? fraud? Bussing in people from other States? All a YES!
Look for Tennessee plates when driving around now, especially parked at DMV.

RINO WATCH said...

You all will be get tired of RW saying this but it needs to be said over and over again to those not in our choir.

Lorna Youngs, Teddy zzzzz, GEORGE GILMAN, BILLY BRADBURY are killing our state, literally....

RinoWatch is going to beat this drum until changes are made.

Scottiebill said...

Sounds like the Matricula cards are Mexico's 3rd largest source of revenue, behind drugs and funds sent home by illegal aliens.

Question: Is it possible that when Oregon elects the new governor in November, whether it be Saxton or Atkinson, will he sack Guillermo Bradbury? (I know there are some Dumocrats running, but after Teddy the K, Oregon is probably ready for anyone except a Dumocrat.) I know Guillermo was elected to that office, but can the governor ask for and get his resignation? I think Guillermo has 2 more years as SecState, but it would be very much to Oregon's benefit if the new governor could just run him off and give an interim appointment to someone who is not on Mexico's payroll, as Guillermo seems to be. Kinda like Bill Clinton is with the UAE.

RINO WATCH said...

Gov cannot fire the SOS. Infact, Brabury will resign before 2008 so that his successor, a Demo, can run as an incumbent.

This is called a "handoff"....
Phil Keisling "handed off" to Bradbury...

For more, check out...