Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Senator Smith, vote NO

Today should be a happy day. Fishwrappers everywhere are having a discussion about illegal aliens. The Oregonian even had a sidebar showing a poll that unequivocaly demonstrated that the majority of Americans oppose amnesty, oppose illegal immigration and support candidates who take a tough stance on the issue.

Criminal aliens are marching through the streets waving foreign flags and chanting anti-American slogans while at the same time demanding rights, clearly demonstrating the absurdity of the situation.

But our worthless lawmakers have chosen to side with the criminals.

For the next week or two there will be a debate in the Senate on whether or not the McCain/Kennedy (it just fits to have those two together, I can see it on a Presidential bumper sticker) amensty bill is right for their pocketbooks. Errr, I mean, America.

I have gone through various stages not unlike when you find out you have cancer. (denial, bargaining, acceptance, etc)

Obviously steps need to be taken, I will outline my ideas over the next few days starting with this one.

Senator Smith: If you vote yes on the amnesty bill I will not support you or vote for you ever again.

Contact Senator Smith
Portland: 503.326.3386
Eugene: 541.465.6750
(Leave messages tonight on both numbers, make his staffers delete them by the hundreds!)


MAX Redline said...

I thought Frist's views made a lot of sense. Do not reward illegal activity via amnesty.

Daniel said...

He sounded alright on Lars' show and he's probably the best hope we have in the Senate.

I didn't like the "we created social security, medicare, medicaid and the like and so now we need foreign labor to support the programs" statement though.

Calhoun said...

Frist opposes "amnesty"? But is he using Bush's BS defintion of the word? "Amnesty means automatic citizenship," as Bush said at the city club of Cleveland last week.

I guess they figure Americans are just one big dumbass Jerry Springer audience. They think we're too dumb to know what ordinary words mean.

For the record, "amnesty" means "a general pardon". It means you can no longer be brought to justice for the crimes you've committed. It means you get to get away with it. And amnesty is exactly what the conservatives-in-name-only like Bush, McCain and Frist are after.

BEAR said...

Good show, Daniel. My family sent Sen. Smith an e-mail last fall re illegal immigration. No border closure and deportation, no votes from us! And no $ to the RNC.

Anonymous said...

I know we're all right on this issue but what happened to Reagan's "11th Commandment": Thou shalt not criticize another Republican.

We are in a bit of danger, imho, of becoming like the DemocRats have always been, a bit of a circular firing squad.

All that being said, on an issue this important, to hell with party and lets stick to our principles!

RINO WATCH said...

If this is not handled properly, RinoWatch, Daniel, and others will be in business UNFORTUNATELY, for quite awhile.

NO amnesty!

Anonymous said...

The ugly truth is our industrial and resource harvesting base is gone and its only the Illegal Alien Invasion that is fueling our economy.

If it were not for the Invasion driven explosive growth in demand for housing, food, schooling and medical care our economy would drop like a gut-shot duck.

The bureaucrats, unions and environmentalists have killed our goose.

But then, I would prefer to go down like a gut-shot duck than live like a Mexican.

Dylan said...

Why can't y'all accept a guest worker program when it's included with border protections? You get the majority of what is important to you ... a significanty improved ability (in your mind) to control future migratory patterns. Isn't that what is really important to you? If you take a hardline stance you must know that you'll get nothing and will be then forced into a situation in which you might have a smaller majority (potentially a minority) to deal with in the future. And lets face it ... Democrats are even less helpful to you cause than Bush or McCain. Just a thought ...

Anonymous said...

Daniel, I think that you should just convert to a democrat, that way you don't have to worry about approving what bush does, you can just automatically disaprove of him.

Daniel said...

Anon, how about I just approve based on the issues?

gullyborg said...

As much as I would like to see a perfect immigration bill, I doubt that our Senate can pass one. My only hope is that they can at least include a few actual improvements along with the rest of the crap they feed us.

What is more important is the House, IMO. As long as the House produces a good bill, then there is a chance that when the two different bills are put together in the joint committee before going to the President, some of the idiocy of the Senate version will be scrubbed out.

As important as it is to contact Smith, it is even more important to contact every (conservative) member of the House and tell them to stick to their guns.

The interesting thing is, though...

If Bill Frist can keep it together and get the Senate to actually produce a tough bill that the House will sign off on--he can lock up the GOP nomination in 2008 right from under McCain...

Whereas if the Senate fails, McCain will be the party scapegoat and lose any chance of getting elected President.

So the real question is... which candidate will the "moderate" voices in the Senate want to help, and which will they want to stab in the back?

I am guessing that McCain just might find out that he doesn't have nearly as strong a friendship with most of his (Republican) colleagues as he thinks he has.

Maybe there is hope...

Anonymous said...

No hope. Sorry

Anonymous said...

You all are fucked. There WILL be some form of amnesty. What will all you one-issue political hacks do once this is over? Bruce the almighty racist who feels the country is getting too Hispanic will have to move to Canada (Bruce, just to clue you in, you're outnumbered everywhere).

Daniel, you'll have to hope the 18th street gang will take you back, in which case you'll be able to continue waging your war on Mexicans by busting caps in their asses.

Anonymous said...

We are not outnumbered here... yet. We want to prevent that from happening. When push comes to shove, expect us to shove HARD. You think we were rough on the Indians? Hell, that won't be nothing compared to what happens next, if the invading hordes keep "demonstrating" the way they did this past weekend.

Calhoun said...

Responding to what Dylan said, above : no, I'm not getting what's important to me.

I want America to be a country where crime does NOT pay. The pseudo-conservatives and their pals the immigration criminals want America to be a country where crime DOES pay.

I want majority rule.

I don't want our laws to be influenced by immigration criminals, who break the law for a living.

I want high standards to be established and upheld, not the low standards of immigration criminals and crooked politicians.

And I don't want to roll out the red carpet for dishonest people, who regard our country with contempt. We've got enough criminals here already, we don't need to import more.


Anonymous said...

I just heard that Jason Atkinson supports this bill's approach.

I can't reconcile his conflicting positions on this issue. What is going on with him?

Anonymous said...

Not going to vote for Smith? I hear you, but who are you going to vote for? In Oregon, guys like Smith amount to a lesser of two evils. You have been sold out. There is no savior coming. Save yourself.