Friday, March 24, 2006

We're number two!

Actually I would like to say congrats to channel 2. They covered Victoria Taft's Operation ID rally today and they currently have an immigration poll on their website:

KATU-TV (Channel 2) is running a poll on illegal immigration at:

The correct answer: Illegal aliens should all be deported!


Rick Hickey said...

April gatherings;
11th, Salem-Keizer School Board MTG. @ 6 pm.
1st 15, get a special T-Shirt

22nd, Carousel in Woodburn, 9:00 am

Plan ahead, be there.

You do not move a mountain all at once. We will move it chunk by chunk.
THANK YOU Victoria and everybody for coming to the State Capitol today.

Daniel said...

I heard your speech on her program. You did great!

Liberty44 said...

I quite enjoyed the rally and learned even more than I have already learned about this whole mess the past year or so. I wish so many more had attended to learn for themselves just what we are facing for our future. I was quite impressed by the speakers who were there and would be interested in knowing just what I could do to help in the school board meetings. My children have been out of school for a number of years, but I would still be interested.

Allen said...

Lets all send KATU a thank you for their covering of the gathering in a fair and balanced manner.

Anonymous said...

Rick Hicky's telling yesterday of the amount spent in Salem Schools on the Talented and Gifted students as compared to what is wasted in the English Language Learners program is proving to be a Big Hot Button item with the soccer Moms.

I know of one TAG mother who has blown her lid with that knowledge as she can now specifically relate to how "her Children" have lost as a direct result of the Illegal Invasion.

Needless to say, she is now inspired!

Lets "Inspire" more.

Daniel said...

Allen has offered a very simple but very effective way to make a difference. Reward good behavior by the media by giving them praise.

Rick Hickey said...

I think KATU will report on the School Board mtg per my conversation with them yesterday.
If you would like to come to this meeting you can just be there with a special shirt on for support. This is so Important, as they mostly only SEE & hear from "Immigrants". They are the ones with those FREE (to them) wireless headphones on for translation into Spanish. (1 board member told me we are the silent majority, only the squeaky wheel gets the grease though)
Or, if you would like to speak, you have 3 minutes and want to arrive a few minutes early to log in to the schedule.
I will NOT discuss Illegal Immigration with the Board. They cannot change laws & Supreme's said they have to teach everyone.
We need to show them a NEW way to handle this language barrier. We need to show them a smarter and cheaper way to make these kids American Students faster, instead of budget busting foreign students forever.
We can create enough public awareness to force them to finally take a serious look at English Immersion ONLY, in all Schools in S-K 1st. Then, the State, after the great results come out of Salem/Keizer.
You can be proud to be a part of changing our School's for the better, for everyone.
Daniel, Thank you and GOD BLESS all of you.

Anonymous said...

Watever you losers.

peod in Oregon said...

Anonymous- I know you are but what am I?

Anonymous said...

helping children is for losers?

Gunslinger said...

even though the numbers on the poll are still small, 55% say deport all illegals. I think that the reason that the loud minority of the pro-illegal-immigration movment is being so loud now, is that they have finally figuresd out that the American people are no longer buying what they are selling. ANd instead of yelling and calling racists, I would love to hear two things from the pro-illegals:
1.) IN all honesty, why do these skilled and tallented people stay in Mexico and make it a better place to live for themselves?

2.) Instead of whining about how we want to deal with this problem, offer us a reasonable solution, where everyone wins.

Gunslinger said...

Correction: IN question number one, it should read; Why don't these people...

My appologies