Wednesday, March 15, 2006

He says what I feel

It's Not Xenophobia, It's Xenonausea
...Two of the subplots really stood out in my mind though. One was how eagerly the disciples of “free” trade took to attacking the conservative base as a bunch of xenophobic ignoramuses storming the harmless castle Globalstein with torches and pitchforks. That sort of animosity couldn’t be over just one relatively minor business deal for Dubai. I’m sensing that the Beltway Boys and the Wall Street Wonks have been entertaining some animosity against Main Street and the Heartland for some time.

...But the problem is that all nations are more than just economic systems. They are each somebody’s home. And each has a culture, and a language, and a set of common ideals that they want protected—even more than they want another 0.3% added to next year’s GDP. Some things matter more than the economic opportunity cost we pay for having them. The American Revolution, for example, was bad for the economy while it was under way. But that was not really the point of the whole thing, was it?

...It is not Xenophobia. It is Xenonausea. People are sick of having the whole world shoved down their throats at once and being told it tastes like ice cream. They are sick of every street corner and parking lot being filled with criminal aliens waiting to work off the books and outside the laws that are applied so enthusiastically to actual Americans. They are sick of pressing “1” for English. They are sick of being at war with foreign terrorists and simultaneously being economically and demographically bound more tightly to the nations producing these terrorists. They are sick of being told that the world is global or flat or smaller or at their doorstep or all coming for dinner on Tuesday.

Speaking as a guy who quit reading the Oregonian and felt better for a bit but who is now getting tired of the editorial positions at the Wall Street Journal, Mac Johnson couldn't have said it better.

I consider myself a "free trade" kind of guy but lately I have stepped back when I hear the proponents of amnesty for illegal aliens use the free trade lingo and logic to make their point.

The WSJ editorial titled "All cops, no economics" that begged for amnesty, begged for unlimited immigration, begged to let guest workers stay as long as they want, was so devoid of anything that recognized the cultural problem this issue has created.

Maybe the drug trade has economic benefits, if the Journal finds any then they will be opposed to stopping drug dealers.

What can you do? Go to the Mac Johnson homepage and read more of his wisdom. You'll feel better.


Anonymous said...

Daniel -- Who gives a fuck about Mac Johnson's xenophobic gut-wrench at having to share the world and the economically priviliged lifestyle he was born into out of mere accident with people who happen to speak another language? You don't give a fuck, do you?

Scottiebill said...

Daniel: I have to agree with you on this one. I hate it when I run into those canned things on the phone telling me to push 1 for English, etc. or press 2 for this or 3 for that. These so called politically correct idiots are turning our country into a bi-lingual entity, just like Canada. The next thing we know, Spanish will be required by law to be on everything from store fronts to menus and on just about everything in between, just like Canada. We don't need that.

As for anonymous' use twice of his four-letter expletive, I believe that the usage of such profanity shows the user to have very limited vocabulary coupled with the inability to express himself adequately without the profanity.

Scottiebill said...

Daniel: If I may, a suggestion--follow Victoria Taft's lead on your bloggers and allow no one to enter under "anonymous". That way we out here will be able to tell the good ones from the nutty ones and be able to reply directly to them.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE do not STOP anyone from commenting. i would like to hear from everyone NOT just people with an account. That bugs me about some other blogs, i can't reply? I though that was the whole point?
don't be like those LIBERAL blogs where it all KOOL-AID and no Coffee.

Anonymous said...

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Rick Hickey said...

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ODOTWorker said...

Free trade is a globalist, utopian dream that disregards individual freedom for the good of the "world”. Everything becomes justified as good for the masses with total disregard for individual people.

I am tired of outsourcing and the ridiculously high trade deficits we are running. The trade deficit with China is sucking an enormous amount of wealth out of our country. China now has Billions of US dollars which they can and are now using to buy out American companies. They are trying to acquire strategic assets such as American oil companies exemplified by China's recent attempt to acquire Unocal. Although I enjoy the cheap prices for goods, I am sick of seeing "made in China" on so many products in the stores. I am a capitalist through and through when it comes to business within US borders, but I truly believe free trade is extremely bad for our nation.

Instead of having large American companies which are loyal to the US, we now have "Global" companies that have no loyalty to any one nation. The loyalty of these companies rests with the almighty dollar. The goal of the Corporation is to increase wealth for stockholders. If the majority of stockholders are from other nations, then a company's interests are no longer necessarily aligned with what is good for Americans. Globalist Free trade will continue to suck wealth from our nation until all nations of the world have reached equilibrium for worker wages. You will no longer be competing with other Americans in the work place, but in a worldwide foreign labor market. We have already seen this happen with many jobs in different industries. Free Trade equates to redistribution of wealth on the grandest of scales. As we are on our way to reaching this equilibrium and ushering in the "New World Order", we will see the US economy continue to lose manufacturing capacity and jobs to foreign nations. The US can’t survive on only a service based economy where we consume but produce nothing. Meanwhile the ultra rich globalist utopians, who are the main proponents of free trade, will continue to profit from cheap labor abroad at the expense of average US citizens.

All throughout history man has sought to dominate other men in their lust for power. Only now has technology progressed to a level where control of people under a one world government is actually feasible. Keep in mind the real goal of the globalists is one world government and subjugation of the masses to an elite and powerful few. Free trade and open borders are merely the vehicles to get us there.

Scottiebill said...

I am not advocating for anyone to stop blogging. I am merely suggesting that all the blogs that show up with "anonymous" as the writer, does not let the rest of us tell one from the other. Try using a different display name. OK?

I thought not!

Anonymous said...

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