Friday, March 03, 2006

One of the many solutions

US plans to tax migrants' money angers Mexico
Mexico complained on Thursday that a bill in Georgia's state legislature to tax the hundreds of millions of dollars that illegal immigrants wire home would unfairly hurt Mexicans working north of the border.

Sponsored by Republican lawmakers who charge that illegal immigrants use basic health and education services without contributing to them, the bill would force anyone unable to prove their legal status to pay tax on their wire transfers.

An estimated 11 million Mexicans living in the United States sent home about $20 billion to their families last year, more than all the foreign direct investment in the country and a major pillar of Mexico's economy, especially in poor areas.

This is a bill that we need in Oregon. It is just one of the many ways we can stop making life easier for criminal aliens to operate their illegal scams in this country.

The tax on wire transfers by illegal aliens should be dedicated to border patrol and interior immigration enforcement.

To all the people who say "What is your solution? We can't deport all of them." I say that this is one of the simple remedies that I have proposed and it will clearly have an effect. Plus there is the bonus of possibly keeping a good portion of $20 billion in our own economy.


Anonymous said...

Propose that at the REPUBS meeting in Seaside this weekend, GREAT IDEA!

RINO WATCH said...

Isn't taxing illegals (allowing them to stay here) a form of AMNE$TY)?

Ric said...

We have to give them amnesty - Ted Kennedy said so.

"Ted Kennedy said that Republicans had better support amnesty for political reasons: "The people on the other side are going to have to decide whether they want to alienate a whole, growing constituency in this country."

fish_on said...

From Bill O'Reilly's talking points memo on 3/1/06...

"On this Ash Wednesday, the Cardinal of Los Angeles, Roger Mahoney, shocked some Americans by saying he will instruct his priests to defy proposed legislation already passed by the House that would crack down on people aiding illegal aliens. Basically, the cardinal is saying that it is the duty of a Christian to help poor people, no matter what their immigration status.

Mahoney then went even further, telling The Los Angeles Times that the War on Terror isn't going to be won through immigration restrictions. The cardinal went on to say that Al Qaeda would not trek through miles of deadly desert to infiltrate the USA.

Well, how Mahoney could know that is a mystery. It seems to me Al Qaeda killers do a lot of trekking — through the mountains of Afghanistan, through the deserts of Syria, Iran and Iraq. Somebody tell the cardinal. Mahoney has long been an advocate of immigrant rights and legality does not enter into his thinking.

By the way, the cardinal has been roundly criticized for being soft on priests who molest children, but that is a separate matter. "Talking Points" did have to note it however. There is no question the cardinal believes anyone who gets into the USA deserves help and that is a controversial sanctuary policy. How "rendering to Caesar the things that are Caesar's" fits into the cardinal's thinking is another mystery.

Surely Mahoney must realize that all nations have a right to control who enters their territory. This is just common sense. Right now, the USA has no record of more than 10 million illegal aliens. That is a dangerous and chaotic situation, brought about by a federal government that has been derelict in its duty.

The question is: Is Cardinal Mahoney being derelict in his duty as well? He was in the priest- pedophilia scandal, but this controversy is a bit more muddled. The philosophy of Jesus is to help the poor and downtrodden. And illegal aliens absolutely fall into that category. It's hard to imagine Jesus would ask a person's national status before giving that person a drink or a sandwich. And that is the crux of the matter. Good Christians must help those in need.

But do we have to enable them? The new law is designed to stop sanctuary movements that aid illegals far beyond giving them a temporary hand. Right now, there's an underground railroad of Americans who actively help illegals evade the law. That has to stop and if Cardinal Mahoney orders his priests to disobey the law, then he must suffer the legal consequences.

Finally with all due respect to the cardinal, he's clueless about how to wage the War on Terror or about the unintended consequences of illegal immigration. People are indeed suffering and most of them are here legally: us."

Scottiebill said...

I think that taxing the illegals is a GREAT idea. We know of course, that they aren't going to pay, any more than Mexico is going to pay Umatilla County for room and board of their citizens criminal activities in that county. If they don't pay, deport the non-payers after a term in the slam, in spite of what Teddy Kennedrunk says.

Anonymous said...

Daniel -- I'd like to hear your answer to two simple questions:

Let's assume that deportation of the estimated 11 million unauthorized is financially and logistically not feasible. Since no lawmaker or pundit or otherwise has come close to laying out that it is possible, I'll assume it's not until shown otherwise.

The logic of your solution seems to be as follows:

At the state and local level, make it hard for illegals to get the type of documentation people need to get by formally in the labor market and in terms of receipt of services (health care, insurance, etc.).

Put a huge wall across the border, and militarize it beyond anything we've ever seen.

Two questions:
1. What if, in spite of being entirely excluded from the formal sector of employment and service consumption, illegals here currently don't leave (because they are able to get by in a black market sort of economy, that theoretically would arise to meet their demand)?

2. Despite this proposed wall, legal cross-border trade must still take place, as it's vital to both economies. Given that so many illegals are brought in by smugglers mingling within this cross-border flow of commercial activity (including tourism), how do we ensure that more do not get in without disrupting legal, and economically important business exchange?

Sue K. said...

So Mexico is upset because illegals may have the money they send home taxed??? I say, "Who gives a rat's a**?" I'm upset (actually livid) because the money I pay in taxes is being used to provide services to illegals. If our existing laws were enforced and illegals were kept out of the United States, then this would be a non-issue for Mexico and me.

Daniel said...

Anonymous, to answer your questions: A black market would form but it would make reduce the number of illegal aliens here. Just like we can't entirely eliminate drug use but we can make it more difficult. States/geographic areas that have tougher enforcement have less drug users.

Commercial activity isn't crossing at in the desert or on ranchers private lands. This is where the fence would be constructed.

It will be impossible to eliminate illegal immigration entirely, just as we can't eliminate other forms of crime entirely, but with no incentives and harsh punishments we can drastically reduce it.

Anonymous said...

Daniel - I respectfully disagree with you, and think your policy solutions are sorely lacking in foresight, and betray an utter lack of historical knowledge, and ignorance of available empirical evidence.

I think your response demonstrates this. You fail to demonstrate how your solutions will persuade illegals to leave. I don't think the drug-use analogy is very relevant here.

Moreover, commercial activity does not travel through the desert. Building a wall across the desert increases the market demand for coyotes to move migrants through the regularly trafficked areas. So, did you address the question about legal commercial activity?

Kristopher said...

People who are enganged in legal cross boarder financial activity have valid visas.

I think maybe a voter initiative here in Oregon mandating such a tax is in order.

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