Sunday, March 26, 2006

When opportunity knocks...

For those of you who missed it, Billy Bradbury's mouthpiece, Anne Martens, issued a diatribe calling Jim Ludwick, Victoria Taft and Linda Flores a bunch of racists.

In addition to my response here where I highlighted the Elections Division's policy on neutrality (and the fact that Anne Martens excuses a murderer) the Oregonian, in a desperate attempt to plug BlueOregon yet again, did a story on the issue. (The only part of the article that suprised me was that they didn't lovingly refer to Porky Pig, errr, Kari Chisholm as a "media consultant" rather than the "political hack" that his own website proclaims him to be.)

All this caused Miss Martens to issue a "disclaimer" back on BlueOregon.

It has come to my attention, however, that a number of people have attempted to connect my piece – which represents my personal views and mine alone – with my employer, the Oregon Secretary of State’s office.

In addition to my job duties, I am also a citizen.

I think that it is opportunistic and dishonest to attempt to impute something under my personal by-line to my employer in an effort to stir up a political maelstrom.

And she is absolutely right. Someone's personal beliefs don't mean they aren't qualified for any job... except judges. Democrats won't even let them attend church these days, let alone have a personal opinion on abortion or gay marriage.

Oh, and Senate majority leaders can't wish people "Happy Birthday" either.

Scott Summers? Who's that?

Do I really need to keep going to highlight the hypocrisy? Imagine if we had someone in the elections division who said the kind of things that Bill Cosby says. (He's absolutely correct) Democrats would scream that this person should be fired immediately because he is a racist and can't gurantee fair elections or elections rules.

Ok one more, I've asked the Oregonian to put my blog in their "blogs" sections online about 10 times with no response. BlueOregon gets featured in hard news articles several times a year.


Scottiebill said...

Daniel, Last Friday evening I e-mailed Ann Martens a letter asking for her opinions as to why Teddy the K, Guillermo Bradbury, and Har de Har Har Meyers should not be prosecuted for criminally aiding and abetting the activities of the illegal aliens in getting drivers licenses and voting registrations. Her replies are not all that surprising.

If you would send me your email address I will forward it to you.

Daniel said...

Unfortunately Scottie if I post an email adress here in 5 minutes the PCUN boys will have signed it up for every gay porn subscription known to man. That's how tolerant they are.

If the letter is pithy just post her reply here. I would be very interested to see it.

Robert said...

Jim Ludwick, Victoria Taft and Linda Flores a bunch of racists.

That is a true statement, so what is the problem? If they aren't racists they should quit talking like ones.

Sue K. said...

True statement?? Can you prove it is a true statement or is it true just because you and Mouth-piece Martens say so??

Anonymous said...

Dude, she said she was saying it in her non-official capacity on a website that is clearly not affiliated with the SOS. Let it rest.

BEAR said...

As a known employee of bradbury's, and using her official status to lend "creds" to her statements, martens feels free to mischaracterize my outrage at this state's refusal to enforce our laws as "anti-immigrant." She is an arrogant fool. I and my family are legal immigrants, martens, and we find your accusations and misdirections highly offensive. Your boss, the governor, the attorney general, and many others who claim to serve the taxpayors, agree with your statements, or we would have heard otherwise before now. That you haven't been fired for your anti-AMERICAN statements is no surprise. It confirms that Oregon law and U.S. law mean nothing to liberals. Your willingness to insult legal immigrants, taxpayors, and citizens/legal-residents speaks volumes re your desire to put ideology before public service or enforcing the law. For you to try to disassociate yourself from your boss is laughable, and cowardly. Bradbury's silence on your statements tells me that he is a coward, also. Shame on you both.

Anonymous said...

Yeah ALL OTHER peoples statements on blogs wind up on the NEWS?! She also included a letter from Jim, that was sent to Bradbury, not for her to post! It is only in the news BECAUSE of who she is and she should NOT be DEFAMING someones character in her position. LIBEL & SLANDER are also still against the law. Ludwick, Flores & Taft should take her to court! She loses her cushy job and owes millions for the rest of her life-OH YEAH!

Anonymous said...

In addition to my job duties, I am also a citizen.

So ANNIE is a citizen...YEAH RIGHT!