Saturday, March 18, 2006

Spoke too soon...

It appears that the new batch of illegal alien slave labor hired to maintain the .blogspot servers still have a learning curve to overcome as my blog is still down.

Step 1. Turn on el computero

Step 2. No you can't go visit the DHS office yet

Step 3. Get Daniel's blog running again.

Step 4. Go back to your own country.

[disclaimer: It's all sarcasm google, don't sue me]


Genie said...

Hey Daniel,

If you hate blogger so much why don't you get off the free teat and fund your own. Your like one of those little bitches that complain that the free cheese tastes bad. BUY YOUR OWN BLOG ACCOUNT YOU MOOCH!


Daniel said...

You have a good point genie but I don't hate blogger. I was just waiting for the outage to end like everyone else and I threw some cracks about illegal aliens in.

Anonymous said...

Google owns Blogger. Google supports Democrats, is owned and operated as a liberal company. You using them means you support their agenda. Right?