Saturday, March 18, 2006

The first clue

The first clue that you are doing something wrong is when your "to bring" list consists of these:

#'s to carry or sharpie on your arm:
* Jail Support: 503-234-4518 (Portland Legal Defense Network)
* CALL-in from the street: 503-715-0994 (Indymedia Audio)

It's probably even more pathetic if you have a printable flier to distribute to all your buddies who may also need the jail support number.

Question for Portland protestors: Why would you need a jail support number if you aren't going to commit any crimes?

You can ask at Indymedia but they will just delete your post!


BEAR said...

As usual, these "events" are not about the stated issue, but just another excuse to break laws and provoke the police. Portland businesses will lose. Portland's downtown reputation further deteriorates. Ho hum. Why don't these groups have one really, really BIG event and call it "The we're against everything good" rally? It would cut the nuisance value. But that's the real point, isn't it?

The Gentle Cricket said...

I witnessed the San Francisco Anti-War rally yesterday....though some people were there for anti-war purposes, it seemed most wanted to say something else....Like support Palestine, kill American soldiers, and F*$k the police.

My wife brought up a good point, asking "how much do these rallies cost the city in lost productivity, police overtime, etc...". I would imagine quite a bit.

Scottiebill said...

Cricket - What you saw was in SanFranciso. Surely you couldn't have expected anything remotely sensible from that city, could you? I often wonder if that city is even part of the US. Maybe California should build a fence around SanFran and not let anyone in or out, and declare it a territory of Lower Slobovia. But then they would probably apply for foreign aid and the Dumocrats in Congress, led by Boxer and Pelosi, would give it to them. Oh, well. Life goes on in the idiot lanes, I guess.

greenink said...

Or maybe protesters are just dealing with the reality that people are arrested in this country every day for crimes they didn't commit. (You don't think being arrested indicates guilt, does it?)

Being at a protest increases your chances of being arrested, just like driving increases your chances of being in an auto accident. Why do you keep your insurance agent's phone number in the glove box if you don't plan on ramming into someone on the freeway?