Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Those traitorous farmers

Alert Memorandum

NOTE: These morons have outlawed copy and paste on their .pdf files...

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So let me summarize what these "American" farmers are saying with the same sense of drama that they use. (and read the thing yourself)

It's a dark time, citizens are getting tired of having their children raped and drugs flood their community. For some unexplainable reason they want us to actually verify that the Social Security Numbers our employees give us aren't actually fraudulent.

Thankfully there is hope on the horizon. Since we are traditionally a republican constituency you can understand why we are 100% behind the Ted Kennedy plan for allowing our "experienced" criminal aliens, err, guest workers, to have amnesty, err, normalization so that we can continue to pay slave wages and not innovate with things like mechanization.

The line is being drawn in the sand and it seems as farmers want to choose the side that is fiscal, social and cultural suicide for America.


BEAR said...

I hope the Sensebrenner bill moves quickly. The lefties refuse to acknowledge open acts of terrorism (UNC), allow known terrorist associates into our universities (Yale), delay any attempts at border security, undermine intelligence gathering and enforcement, and advocate for amnesty. They want appeasement for state-sponsored terrorism, refuse to support Israel, malign our troops, malign the Minute-Men, and side with companies who value cheap labor more than they value national security. Now, there's a platform Tough Ted can run on.

Justin said...

I thought you already knew this? Anyways, my Farm Bureau is supporting amnesty, dignity and fairness for our immigrant workers. I am very pleased as we need them in the United States. It appears that you anti-immigrant nativists are in a boat with no credible paddle. Peace!


Luke said...

This guest worker crap is going to go nowhere if you want my guess. If you look at it objectively it is doomed to failure. The department that would oversee it is already backlogged and is corrupt, everyone knows the workers will not go back after their alloted time, and the employers are not going to want to go through the whole process of offering jobs to legal residents first, and then to the illegals if no one bites.

I have heard that the number off illegal border crossers is increasing just due to congress talking about the guest worker nonsense. If I was a Senator I would be asking myself how this is good for the average american, and if it is worth voting for knowing that people will hold this against them next time they are up for election.

Anonymous said...

The Illegal Aliens earn their trip North by importing Meth to the US and then take the jobs of those who buy their Meth.

Then we have pinheads like Justin who can't remember the combination to their bicycle locks.

Anonymous said...


Police searched two different places in Woodburn today and made several traffic stops. One netted them Miguel Farria Via Lobos. Police say he had more than a pound and a half of meth in his car. Plus he had four kids with him.

Anonymous said...

Sensenbrenner is to crucial. I think something should happen to secure borders. But that sensenbrenner bill. Tsh* it won't pass. To crucial.

CapitalistPig said...

dignity and fairness for our immigrant workers

Dignity? You gotta be kidding me. The proposed guest worker programs I've seen, establish a legally sanctioned servile class based off of race / national origin. I can't believe liberals are behind this bull crap. It just shows that you guys have no clue what dignity or fairness mean.

Anonymous said...

if Farmers are now going to compete with Central American as well as Mexican Farmers, they have to use machines and technology. We cannot compete hiring the exact same people, but paying them more here.
Yes, I know slaves helped the farmers in the south but that is supposed to be against the law, even here in the west.

Anonymous said...

AG Workers?, This report is why Jason Atkinson is WRONG for Oregon. He will reward Illegal Aliens. Don't tell me the AG industry needs them. They have more than 10 times the Illegal Aliens in this Country that they need. The Illegal's are all getting away from AG work.
What about the 8 Million LEGAL Aliens, not working in the fields anymore? Why does all other industry NOT primarily depend on an Illegal workforce?
Why can't the Farmers hire Americans or use machines? Answer; Because they don't have to.

Scottiebill said...

Justin seems to be advocating for Teddy the K and Guillermo Bradbury and reelections, as they are the primary advocates for illegal immigration into this country and the Pac NW, at least for this part of the country. If Justin likes them so much, perhaps he had better take a bunch of them into his home to feed and provide shelter to. He could even become the sponsor for a few hundred of them.

As for Teddy Kennedrunk, how many illegals are working at the Kennedy compound in Hyannisport? My bet is that there are all of zero there.

Scottiebill said...

What is all this crap that "your" put into the mix? Maybe porno pics that the illegals that Justin thinks so much of have brought into the area. Maybe some of them feature those same illegals. Do you suppose Justin might be in some of them? He likes them so much, it could be a possibility.

Anonymous said...


here ya go d...

AL 08-05

To: NCAE Members

From: Sharon M. Hughes, CAE, Executive Vice President

October 12, 2005

Climate Right for "Perfect Immigration Reform Storm"
Advocates for Immigration Enforcement and Guest Worker

Reform Collide, as Congress and President Seek Action this Fall.

NCAE's job as your voice on agricultural labor in Washington, D.C. requires a long-term view and patience. Ten years ago, NCAE saw the danger to its members when Congress proposed the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRIRA) that sought to impose an electronic verification system of work authorization documents, increase employer sanctions penalties and allow the government to seize the farms and businesses of those found liable for hiring undocumented workers. Not a pleasant prospect for employers of an agricultural workforce estimated to be comprised of workers, 50 to 70 percent of whom provide fraudulent work documents that look genuine and which employers legally must accept.

NCAE worked hard to eliminate the worst part of IIRIRA and reform the H-2A programthe only means of getting temporary and seasonal foreign agricultural workers. While the rest of the business community was in denial about the large undocumented workforce in all facets of the economy, NCAE saw the handwriting on the wall and persisted in moving the debate forward on the need to deal with the large undocumented workforce in agriculture through a workable guest worker program and a means of getting legal status for experienced undocumented workers. Over the years there have been many doubters about the seriousness of the problem and much frustration about Congress' unwillingness to embrace guest worker reform.

Fast forward to today, and the winds of change NCAE felt ten years ago have reached an intensity that poses both great promise and danger to NCAE members and the business community. Darkening the horizon this past year are at least five Republican sponsored bills in the House of Representatives', which would include some or all of the following: require some form of mandatory and universal electronic work document verification with a new counterfeit-proof Social Security card with biometric identifiers; substantially increase employer sanctions penalties up to $50,000 per alien and jail terms of up to one year per illegal alien; require employers to pay transportation costs to return illegal aliens to their countries of origin; deny employers of undocumented workers IRS deductions from gross income of wages paid; require employers who obtain Social Security Administration (SSA) mismatch letters to use electronic verification of Social Security cards; and hire 10,000 new investigators to enforce employer compliance.

At the same time, IRS is sending detailed questionnaires to employers with large numbers of SSA mismatch letters, inquiring as to hiring practices. Federal racketeering (RICO) cases continue to be filed against agricultural employers alleged to have hired undocumented workers by private lawyers seeking triple damages, the most recent being in Idaho against large seed companies and a food processing company.

Raisin and grape growers in California have experienced up to an estimated shortage of 40,000 workers this past month, with potentially devastating losses. Growers in Yuma, Arizona anticipate an even greater disruption of the lettuce harvest this November than they faced last year as a result of government stoppage of buses bringing commuters and border crossers. Florida agriculture is concerned about shortages, including the loss of a sizeable part of its workforce to reconstruction work in the Gulf States after Hurricane Katrina.

Rays of promise also are breaking through. For the first time in twenty years, the leadership of the House, Senate and the President are all calling at the same time for action this Fall on immigration reform legislation. Earlier this year, a majority of the U.S. Senate voted for the NCAE-backed AgJOBS bill (S. 359 and H.R. 884) that will provide H-2A reform and earned adjustment of status for experienced farm workers in undocumented status. The House Committee on Agriculture Chairman, Bob Goodlatte, has introduced an H-2A reform bill that contains many positive reforms; however, it does not deal with the existing experienced undocumented workforce in a practical and bipartisan manner, as does AgJOBS.

The business community has stepped up to the plate and now is making the same arguments as agriculture about the need to provide a workable guest worker program and earned adjustment of status for the 10 to 12 million estimated undocumented workers in all industries. Business is pushing hard for companion bills that were introduced in the Senate and House by Senators McCain and Kennedy and Representatives Kolbe, Flake and Gutierrez (S. 1033 and H.R. 2330) to address this problem comprehensively. Senators Comyn and Kyl introduced another more restrictive comprehensive industry bill (S. 1438). House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Jim Sensenbrenner, is rumored to be drafting reform legislation; however, it is unclear yet whether it will focus on enforcement only or contain some type of guest worker provisions.

Congress is expected to remain in session until November or December of this year, so there is time for Congress to act this year and finish up next Spring, if necessary. The Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to start the process of enacting legislation through a hearing set for October 18. The Speaker of the House of Representatives has committed to act this year. President Bush has publicly encouraged Congress to pass legislation this year and has been actively seeking support by bringing key legislators to the White House over the past several months.

The next few months are critical for agricultural employers. Will reform include only increased employer enforcement and penalties, as many in Congress prefer, or will meaningful guest worker reform and earned adjustment of status also be included as part of a comprehensive package? While now there are many bills in the mix, AgJOBS still remains the best-known product, with bipartisan support and a proven record of majority Senate support. NCAE urges you to continue your support for AgJOBS (or similar legislation) as a stand-alone bill or as the agricultural piece of a broader bill.

The winds of change are swirling. Only through your support of NCAE and aggressive lobbying of your congressional representatives can you help harness the growing immigration reform tempest into the much-needed H-2A and earned adjustment of status reform that agriculture needs for its survival. Otherwise, the hostile elements described above, fostered by immigration restrictionists and enforcement-only advocates who do no understand nor care about America's economic future, will win the day-a sad day for American agriculture.

1 For example, see H.R. 19 (Rep. Calvert); H.R. 98 (Rep. Dreier); H.R. 3938 (Rep. Hayworth); H.R. 3333 (Rep. Tancredo); and H.R. 3095 (Rep. King).

Justin said...

Capitalist Pig:dignity and fairness for our immigrant workers
Dignity? You gotta be kidding me. The proposed guest worker programs I've seen, establish a legally sanctioned servile class based off of race / national origin. I can't believe liberals are behind this bull crap. It just shows that you guys have no clue what dignity or fairness mean.

Liberal? I am actually conservative. I am just not a bigotted and racist one, like you.

Your statements of "servile class based off of race / national origin" show how ignorant you really are to this issue. My Farm Bureau warned me about the talking points you Nativists would use. To bad you can't find better lingo than the one that clearly shows your bigotry towards immigrants.

As for having immigrant workers in this country, I support them 100%. The are so very necessary to this nation. There needs to be honesty about that. That is where we need to work from to improve the healthcare dilema.

I just called my Senators urging them to stop any anti-immigrant legislation before them that might not only hurt immigrants but also our nations economy. Fortunately, both of my Senators don't support it.


Anonymous said...

Sen. Ron Wyden told a lady whose Son died on 9-11 "We need these strawberry pickers"
Is he working for Mexico or the U.S.?
Is a secure border, Racist?
Do we have the right to know who is here, and why?
If we allow the Farmers to continue to break the law and have a financial advantage over other industry, what is to stop those other indusrties from demanding the same?
Our weak Senators forget this could be the 8th amnesty since 1986,
Where does it end? Justin?

Anonymous said...

Justing your right, 100% right!

Kaelri said...

Nice XP theme.

Gunslinger said...

To all of you out there who want to call us racists and bigots...

I have just one request.

Please stop calling us anti-immigration.

We are anti ILLEGAL immigration. Want to come here as a legal citizen, visa, guest worker, fine, come on in and contribute. Dont want to do those things? I hope they die in that desert trying to illegally invade our country.

"Give us your tired weak and hungry" Not your criminal, uneducated, and begging citizens who have no intent what-so-ever on making this country better, but rather, exploiting it for every drop of juice you can squeeze out of it.

Did your department tell you how to think about that talking point?

Gunslinger said...

another thing...

I am white. If a white canadian wants to enter my country illegally, and I don't want that to happen, SIMPLY BASED ON THE FACT THAT IT IS ILLEGAL, does that make me a racist?

Wise up numb nuts.

el razonador said...

Anon -- 8th Amnesty since 1986? Care to identify them? I think you're either lying or somebody fed you a load of crap. IRCA was the last amnesty of any consequence. The only reason it didn't work is because the federal government failed to put its money where its mouth is and fund the proper infrastructure to enforce the workplace. Germany has a great system that we could use as an example.

Anonymous said...


I for one am pretty much done debating liberals. It's a vicious circle. They'll never get it. And there is a reason.

They'll never label us with the true meaning of our cause. Why? They have a mental disorder. Those that can put the koolaid down, and comprehend beyond they're own idoligical nonsense, might get some help from a great book though...

Liberalism is a Mental Disorder: Savage Solutions
by Michael Savage

Dr. Savage, sage prophet of the airwaves, has been diagnosing liberal mental illness for more than a decade. Now, in his third and most insightful book, he strikes at the root of today's most desperate issues, providing a hefty dose of his unique conservative medicine, including:

- Homeland security: "We need more Patton and less patent leather. . .Real homeland security begins when we arrest, interrogate, jail, or deport known operatives within our own borders. . .One dirty bomb can ruin your whole day."
- The ACLU, National Lawyers Guild, and "I believe it's time for the heads of . . . left-wing agitation groups who are using the courts to impose their will on the sheeple to be prosecuted under the federal RICO statutes."
- Illegal immigration: "I envision an Oil for Illegals program. . .The president should demand one barrel of oil from Mexico for every illegal alien that sneaks into our country."

The Doctor is in, and the diagnosis is clear. Read Liberalism is a Mental Disorder and find out what you can do to treat it.

Anonymous said...


Gunslinger said...

well, crap. I guess the above anon wins. I feel so ashamed of myself now. Jeepers.