Sunday, March 26, 2006

What they believe

Another round of "what's important to Democrats"

The only thing that liberals don't like about gay couples is the fact that there is no possibility for a pregnancy and therefore no possibility for an abortion. Oh how they love abortion...


Anonymous said...

Dude I am a pro-choice R and I can honestly say I don't love abortion or know anyone who does. I wish abortion were safe, legal and rare, that's it.

Daniel said...

So we can agree that abortion should be rare?

But think about that, why should it be rare if there isn't anything wrong with it?

If it's perfectly acceptable why care if it's rare or as common as getting your annual physical?

But I approach abortion in several ways: First, I ask if I or you have a soul. If the answer is "yes" then I have to ask, when did I or you get that soul? Was it the third trimester? Did we have to be completely out? Moment of inception?

Personally I think that an unborn baby is a life.

Second I have to look at societies attitudes on personal responsibility. Sex "without consequences" has caused, this is going to be ironic, HUGE consequences for our society. Whether you are talking about people having a general attitude of "I don't have to be responsible for my actions or choices" or the explosion of teenage pregnacies and unwed mothers. Many of societies ills have resulted from this sexual "liberation."

Just something to think about.

Tim said...

Anonymous is a "Pro-choice" R? Come on be honest, you're Pro-Abortion, since babies don't choose to die. The only choice for the pregnant mother is to choose life or to choose to snuff out that life inside of her. The baby has no choice.

Daniel is right if you think abortion is ok, then what do you care if it's rare? To say you want abortions to be rare, what you are really admitting is that deep down, you think it's wrong.

gullyborg said...

but since a lesbian couple could have two simultaneous abortions, that balances out the gay male couples.

Anonymous said...

I want to start a new program:
Free Abortions for All Conservatives. They should be safe, legal and readily available.