Wednesday, March 01, 2006

An academic study

Being interested in higher learning and scientific studies I have decided to perform a test.

My hypothesis: There is no such thing as liberal tolerance.

The Scenario: I will post increasingly conservative material on one of the many community bulletin boards at Portland Community College. (Sylvania) I am expecting them to be removed or defaced.

First test:

You will notice that the type of material usually posted on these boards is of poor taste and usually appears to represent the positions of the Pacific Green Party. The Atkinson brochure was posted yesterday. (2/28/06)

I will check on it's status tonight. If it has survived then other conservative material will be placed on other community boards, probably in closer proximity to the "women's resource center." (which I don't even understand, how hard can it be to cook, clean and submit to your husband?)


fish_on said...

"how hard can it be to cook, clean and submit to your husband?"


That's funny right there...I don't care who you are.

Anonymous said...

Daniel -- Have you checked with the building adminsistration to see if posters require a signature authorizing fliers to be placed on the bulletin board? If such a policy exists, and your poster wasn't authorized, this would taint your results, as it may have been removed for reasons having nothing to do with ideology.

The Gentle Cricket said...

Is Atkinson a recognizable name for most liberals? I doubt the vast majority recognize who he is right now, though they will after the primary.

Put a "Bush/Cheney" flyer up and it will explode on contact to the bulletin board.

Anonymous said...

Told you! Atkinson is a CARREER politican. Just like GOV. TED, he won't come on Lars and answer hard questions. (and he isn't even the Gov.)
You with brains must see by now, that Jason will NOT listen to the people and will be just another shill for the Politicians.
Jason "guest worker, it's our fault, not theirs" Atkinson is DONE. He can't even attack P.E.R.S. like Saxton, because he gets PERS! Hello?
If he isn't mature enough to the the heat, then I don't want him to run this state.

rickyragg said...



I think career has about two more "r's" than you used.

Thomas said...

Push the envelope!
I think if you were to position your posters near "Wymyns-Studies" [ or however they spell it ] - that would be an interesting experiment!
BTW - just what kind of job can one get with a degree in "Wymyns Studies"?

"how hard can it be to cook, clean and submit to your husband?"


That reminded me of this one:
Q. Why doesn't a woman need a drivers license?
A. There are no roads between the bedroom and the kitchen.

/crouching to avoid hurled rebuffs

Anonymous said...

I would like to take this occasion to shock the world and defend Senator Atkinson.

Anonymous staffer for the Saxton campaign (easily identifiable by the robotic parroting of campaign talking points),

Senator Atkinson has served in the state legislator, that does not make him a career politician. He does have a side busines and had other occupations before running. Granted, of late his career is politics.

If your candidate, Ron Saxton, wanted to go get his obviously deficient brain fixed, would he want a newbie, or would he seek out a "career surgeon?" I would suggest that this state needs someone who has a record of accomplishment in the field he is looking to enter, a record of getting results in government. I say Mannix is the only candidate who can demonstrate that. But Saxton is the least qualified.

Why? The only reason that Ron Saxton is not a career politician is that NOBODY VOTES FOR HIM. He has been running for office since 1976 and has only won a school board seat because he was put there by Democrats.

The "career politician" argument only works when you haven't run before. When you try to be a career politician but can't be, it just looks like jealousy.


Daniel said...

Fish_on, and some woman libber is pulling her short hair out right now.

Anon#1, there is a policy on some boards but not all boards. This board is open to anyone.

Gentle Cricket, I plan on doing several different kinds of clearly conservative posters as well as an American flag and a Support the Troops poster. (non-partisan but probably still will be defaced)

Anon2, I am very disapointed that Atkinson didn't come on Lars today.

Thomas, my wife and I both laughed at your joke! (She asked for permission to laugh and I granted it.)

Andy, you made an excellent point. I also have not found the "anti-career politician" argument very effective.

BEAR said...

dear anon-andy, thank you for making new and interesting points. you must realize, however, that with j.a. taken down, and r.s. a confirmed "rino sighting," it only leaves mannix, who makes us all dizzy with his flip-flops. (and I don't mean his footwear.) Still sitting this one out. BTW-great posts, Daniel. Allowing the lefties to reveal themselves this way is like watching wildlife through binoculars.

Robin said...

I will confess that I am also disappointed that Jason Atkinson decided not to appear on the roundtable discussion.

No matter how he feels about Lars, it does not make him look good in my opinion.

Whether it is right or wrong, if you firmly believe in your issues, and you should stand up and defend it. Since Jason Atkinson supports President Bush's guest worker program, then stand up and defend it. Give us and Lars and as a reason why we should look at it any differently.

I personally support Jason Atkinson for Governor, but I am also an agreement with Lars that guestworker = amnesty.

ten said...


You might want to consider getting college approval for all your posters, even if not required. Go out of your way (within reason) to eliminate all variables other than liberals fear of information.

We all know the result. I'm surprised the Atkinson poster lasted as long as it did -- a few years ago, I put up a non-partisan support-the-troops flyer in my apartment complex. Nothing in the flyer called for support for the WAR, just the troops. It was right next to about three hippy posters. My poster lasted, on average, about two hours.

Hippies don't work, so they have plenty of time to suppress the free exchange of information. :/

Kate said...

I have met Daniel's wife (we call her the SAINT) and I highly doubt she ever asks his permission to do much of anything. I suspect though that she regularly has him begging...


Scottiebill said...

"Liberal tolerance" is the oxymoron of oxymorons.

Thomas: My wife saw your joke and all she said was, "B___s___!!!"

gullyborg said...

Lars has lost all credibility. Not going on Lars says more about Jason's character than going on.

Losing sleep over Jason skipping Lars would be like losing sleep over Jason skipping The Daily Show.

And the truth is, Jason was polling 3rd when Lars was endorsing him. Since then, he has taken the lead according to Rasmussen.

Go figure that.

Andynonymous: you are half right. But the irony is, while it is funny that joke about Saxton always running and never winning, except for a school board job where he was voted in by democRats, you fail to notice that your walk-on-water candidate Mannix also now has a long track record of not getting elected, except when he is a democRat...


Assistant AG under a DEMOCRAT

Elected to the House 4 times as a DEMOCRAT

Ran for AG (and lost) as a DEMOCRAT

Changed parties, despite being liberal on most issues, but comitted the unpardonable sin (for the left) of being pro-life, and has gone on to win...

one House race, before losing for AG (again) and losing for Governor.

That, my friend, is not a track record anyone should be bragging about...

Anonymous said...

I haven't decided if I will vote for Saxton yet, so I am not a shill for him. Gullyborg defending Jason for not having the guts to answer questions on the only statewide and top Radio show in this state is unexcusable.
We do NOT need another Governor that won't explain his reason for what he does. He is supposed to represent US & listen to US. He is paid by US! Jason is in that cocoon of paranoia of saying the wrong thing live on the air, because He is a Politician.
The fact that NW Republican deleted my post, shows serious immaturity and non-tolerance of other viewpoints. I had hoped that only Liberals did that.

I am Coyote said...


Not a shill for Saxton?

Hmm... sounds alot like the SaxtonBots that were running around and posting on the various blogs a few weeks back.

No, I don't care that Atkinson did not appear on Lars.

Lars' influence is waning and his inability to carry on a polite conversation makes him more of a liability than a plus.

So appearing on the Larson show is really a coin flip. No great loss.

Anonymous said...

Lars is not the end all be all of getting the word out to the people. The very fact that we are here discussing Jason on a blog is proof of that.

Jason is doing a great job of going out and talking to real people. He is very open and accessible. His willingness to respond to bloggers is proof that he is not a paranoid politician afraid to be heard by the masses.

The only thing Lars can do to Jason at this point is push him farther away. Lars is in D.C. right now, and guess what? He is busy telling everyone with an ear that Jason Atkinson is (LIE LIE LIE) in favor of granting amnesty to illegal aliens.

Lars LIES.

Why do you continue to insist that Jason needs to appear on Lars? Saying Jason needs to appear on Lars makes even less sense than saying he needs to appear on Saturday Night Live Weekend Update or The Daily Show. Hell, Air America would probably treat Jason better and do a better job of informing the public than Lars.

Scottiebill said...

Anonymous: Lars is not lying about Atkinson. He has withdrawn his support of Atkinson becaus he supports the Presidents "Guest Worker" program and that program equates with amnesty for illegals. Atkinson has refused to go on Lars' program because Lars' support went to Ron Saxton. It seems Atkinson doesn't have the courage of his own convictions enough to go on Lars' program.

As far as Air America treating Atkinson better than Lars, one should remember that Air America is dropping closer to the tank and much deserved obscurity every day.

Tim Lewis said...

Most colleges (such as Chemeketa in Salem) require certain permission to post on the bulletin boards and have requirements for them, such as having to be a student at the college. Some even require you to give the flyers to them and THEY will post them (I know...lame). You probably have to check with them in order to post it.

Not much of a community bulletin board if you need permission.