Thursday, March 09, 2006

More Portland protest pics

While many of my pictures mysteriously disapeared, Rick, VP of OFIR, was kind enough to send some pictures of our group for to me to post.

Here are some great Americans:

And one last time, here are some bad Americans/illegal aliens.


Anonymous said...

Eduardo Angelo, Chairman of the Salem/Keizer Coalition for Equality, also a member of the Board Advisory Team. I wonder if our School Board is aware of this guy's agenda?
He is the guy with his hands folded in front of his stomach, mustache, grey overcoat, glasses.
A citizen of Puerto Rico, who is registered to vote in Oregon.
Would the board understand his NO BORDER, NO Soveirgnty everyone speak Spanish agenda? How does someone that advocates the breaking of our laws get money from the School ditrict? YOUR money?

Anonymous said...

Is he the guy always quoted in the SJ?

Anonymous said...

Come on homey, save some love for the beer-drinking illegals. They work, I mean drink, so hard.

Anonymous said...