Friday, March 31, 2006

He's a funny guy

Undocumented Welder Topples Spanish Language Radio Towers
Arizona Spanish language radio station KMIA-AM (710) was knocked off the air this week when one or more undocumented welders used a blow torch to cut the steel support rods on four 197-foot tall radio towers, toppling them to the ground.

On the other hand, rebuilding the radio towers will contribute to the American economy and towers can be legally demolished by those with the proper paperwork. So perhaps the real problem here is simply that the aspiring welder did not have such documentation, which is often difficult for poor or uneducated people to come by.

Also of great concern was the fact that, because of his undocumented status, the so-called “illegal” welder was forced to work “in the shadows” in a dangerous desert environment.

Satire by Mac Johnson. Read it. HOMEPAGE

This can be a recurring theme, think of all the other crimes that can be considered "undocumented."

What about the poor folks who make undocumented bank withdrawls? Or take undocumented prescriptions? Or undocumented child-custody? What special interest groups will stand up for these people?


Anonymous said...

I have questions: Wasn't their demolition permit valid? Or, perhaps it was in English! Were there any Spotted Owl nests on the tower. Was the tower slamming into the ground considered as an Environmental Impact?

BEAR said...

CAN'T WAIT to hear the moonbats and illegals start screaming about law and order!!!
The undocumented re-cycler who did this should come forward so he can be signed up for welfare, healthcare, and free legal help.

Scottiebill said...

What special interest groups will stand up for these people? Try the alQaeda Civil Liberties Union, Teddy the K, Guillermo Bradbury and his lapdog, Ann Martens, Hardy Har Har Meyers, Al Qaeda Gore, LaRaza, the Catholic Church in LA (along with all the other Catholic Churches under that Illegal Alien loving Cardinal Mahoney's domain), all the Dumocrats in Congress and the rino Republicans, to name a few.

Scottiebill said...

I almost forgot one other in my list above - the ubiquitous Anonymous, the ultra-liberal pontificator who seems to love anything and everything anti-American.