Wednesday, March 15, 2006

But Lorna Youngs is still on the loose

Jeffries settles for satisfaction after DMV "racial profiling" firing.
LaVay Jeffries, the former DMV worker who was fired last summer after he called Dallas police and flagged the file of a woman he thought was providing false information to get a driver's license, has won his wrongful termination battle.

The resolution of Jeffries' case comes right on the heels of a major fraud trial in the Hillsboro area.

The first people to alert officials were local postal carriers who noticed all the empty envelops going through their system. They were told not to concern themselves.

Then DMV workers, like Jefferies, started noticing odd envelopes being used as residency ID. Most had Hillsboro postmarks. Some came from as far away as Ontario.

The DMV workers, too, were told by supervisors that they weren't law enforcement officials and it was none of their concern.

Nothing to see here. Move along. No pattern of criminal behavior or a cover up exists. Please avert your eyes. Pay attention to American Idol. Do not question the criminals or their proof of ID.

Imagine if a store owner took this same "it's none of my concern" attitude with selling someone cases of cold pills.


Sue K. said...

Lorna Youngs should go out in the same (dirty) bath water as Sleepy T will in November. After 9/11, all we heard was to be on our toes and alert authorities of anything suspicious. When people do, they are either told it is not their job to be concerned or are fired. The bosses at dmv and the post office who instructed the concerned employees to disregard should be fired ASAP!

ODOTWorker said...

What about the responsibility ODOT has to the citizens of Oregon to ensure driver licenses and ID are not being obtained fraudulently? Lorna Youngs needs to be fired. Although ultimately it is the Governor who is the problem, who refuses to take action to remove Lorna Youngs from her position and hire someone who can restore public faith in the DMV by providing competent and sensible management.

I am glad to hear Jeffries record has been cleared and he is getting some back pay. It was also a smart move by Jeffries to decide not to go back to his old job. I am sure they would have made life very diffcult for him if he had.

I notice in all the negative articles about ODOT, there is never much in the way of a statement or explanation from ODOT, on why they are doing what they are doing. I don't know if it is bad reporting where the reporters don't ask tough questions, or if ODOT handles the bad press by either refusing to comment or making a very short statement that says nothing.
I kinda think ODOT arrogantly ignores the problem, or from a warped liberal point of view can't see there is a problem to begin with.

Polish Immigrant said...

I often wonder why so many people try so hard to be so nice to illegal immigrants. Just the other day, I finally may have discovered their real motives.

dchamil said...

Polish immigrant: Linky no worky, you need to tweak the URL.

Anonymous said...

Opinion split on driving privilege for illegal aliens
Assemblyman says law would serve economy, security
Staff Writer

Some of New Jersey's Latino community leaders are pushing to ad-vance a state Assembly bill that would, if signed into law, permit thousands of illegal aliens to drive legally in the state.

The proposal does not have universal support among state legislators. One assemblyman, Christopher J. Connors (R-Ocean, Burlington, Atlantic) has said he is "unalterably opposed" to the bill.

A-2607, also known as the New Jersey Driving Privilege Card, was discussed in a press conference in front of the State House Annex in Trenton on March 6.

Assemblyman Joseph Vas (D-Middlesex) is the primary sponsor of the legislation. Vas is also the mayor of Perth Amboy. Assemblymen Reed Gusciora (Mercer), Upendra Chivukula, (D-Middlesex and Somerset), and Gordon Johnson (D-Ber-gen) are also supporting the bill that would allow illegal aliens and other people who cannot comply with the state Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) six-point rule to drive in New Jersey and to purchase auto insurance, which is required of all drivers.

The MVC's six-point rule requires people who are applying for a driver's license to produce documents that establish their identity. Different forms of ID are assigned point values and a person applying for a license must have enough documents to add up to six points in order to receive a license.

According to Vas, "the New Jersey Driving Privilege Card serves the interest of both the economy and security of New Jersey. It will be a key tool for helping New Jersey keep track of how many undocumented persons reside in the state, providing for better accountability."

Vas said the law would increase driver safety and help reduce insurance costs by requiring drivers who might otherwise drive without a license to purchase auto insurance. The card would carry the same privileges and responsibilities as a driver's license with respect to the operation of a motor vehicle. It would also feature a digital photo of the card's holder taken by the MVC.

According to Vas, the card would not be able to be used as any other form of identification.

Currently, 10 states grant driving privileges to people who cannot document their immigration status. Vas said those states are Hawaii, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin.

Tennessee, which began issuing certificates for driving to illegal aliens in July 2004, ended the practice in February after determining people were using fraudulent documents to obtain the certificates, according to an article from the Los Angeles Times published on

Vas said the bill he is backing in New Jersey "is a practical solution and a strong companion and ally to the federal law. By enacting such legislation, we can send a message that New Jersey is committed to meeting the needs of the economy and protecting the rights of those who reside here while promoting compassion for workers."

The upside of the legislation is that it would allow undocumented residents to get to work to feed their families, buy groceries, etc., according to Frank Argote-Freyre, of Freehold Borough, the chairman of the Monmouth County Chapter of the Latino Leadership Alliance.

Argote-Freyre said the downside of the bill is the fact that many undocumented immigrants will be placed in a data base as a record for at least one year, the length of time the card will be effective.

"This bill strikes the right balance between the economy of the state which relies on immigrant workers and the failure of decency and courage on the part of Washington to resolve the immigration issue," he said. "There are 10 million undocumented immigrants in this country, 500,000 of them here in New Jersey. We know they will not be deported. It is too massive an undertaking.

"But when will Washington show some courage and come up with a humane plan to deal with immigration? In the meantime, permission for workers to drive to work in order to feed their families and get to the store and other places is the humane thing to do. To do anything else is to criminalize driving for them. Our law enforcement officials charge them with failure to produce proper identification. This is a waste of time for our officials. The question is do we have enough courage to carry this legislation through as a state?" Argote-Freyre said.

He said people with whom he has spoken would appreciate having the ability to drive legally, although, "They're not crazy about the idea of being entered into a data base, but they accept that possibility. It gives them a solution for now."

Amy Gottlieb, the director of the Immigrants Rights Organization of the American Friends Service Committee, said although the organization has no particular position on the legislation, members say they support the fact that everyone must have equal access to licenses.

"We are very concerned though, that there will be a separate category of licensing for undocumented immigrants. This could lead to profiling and deportation. We want to be sure that any legislation that passes provisions for licenses also carries with it the protection and confidentiality of immigration status."

Not everyone is in favor of this proposed legislation.

Connors, who represents Ocean County and parts of two other counties, said he is "unalterably opposed" to the bill.

"First and foremost, the mission of our Legislature in a post-911 world is safety and security. Nothing in issuing driver's licenses to illegal aliens can promote safety. Individuals who are in this country illegally ought not to be the recipients of the privileges and benefits that our state gives. A driver's license is a privilege. This is the wrong thing to do," the assemblyman said.

Connors referred to problems Tennessee experienced because officials chose to issue certificates for driving to illegal aliens. He said shuttles and caravans of illegal aliens headed to Tennessee so those who were in the United States illegally could obtain the certificates.

"If this bill passes we will essentially be ringing the bell and telling them all to come to New Jersey," he said.

Connors said the reason the MVC's six-point system was instituted in the first place was for safety and security.

"There are people who are citizens of this country who have difficulty meeting the six-point criteria for a driver's license," Connors said. "What do we say to them; we are giving a license to an illegal alien and not to you? We have had World War II veterans who have had to jump through hoops to get their license because they could not meet the point system. I am incensed by it. When you avail yourself to the benefits of citizenship you also have obligations to do jury duty, fight for our country and pay taxes, none of which illegal aliens are required to do."

Ric said...

The Polish Imigrant url worked for me.
in Firefox, I doubleclicked to select then copied it.

same only tiny

Scottiebill said...

Don't look for Teddy the K OR Guillermo Bradbury to do anything about the illegal alien problem. With their record of doing absolutely nothing about it, I have to wonder whose pockets they are in. And, is it true that Teddy and Guillermo have named the ostrich as the State Bird?

BEAR said...

no, scottiebill, it's the Gooney-Bird!!

Scottiebill said...

OK, Bear, I understand your thinking here and I like it. Oregon really does have Teddy the K and Guillermo Bradbury hanging around its neck like an albatross. I figured that since these two have their heads in the sand all the time, the ostrich would be appropriate.

BEAR said...

Yes, scottiebill, ostriches are appropriate. When I visualize these two pulling their heads out of something, sand doesn't come to mind. Carry on.

Scottiebill said...

Bear, I LOVE IT!!!!

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