Sunday, March 05, 2006

Portland Protest: Part Tres

From the Fishwrapper:
Thousands march against immigration crackdown
Saturday's demonstrators paraded for an amnesty, similar to one granted in 1986, or other moves that would let them stay in the United States legally.

Those supporting reduced restrictions on illegal immigrants say they do dangerous, low-paying work nobody else wants and contribute to the economy by paying taxes.

Way to take something at face value and not do any analysis. Clearly The Oregonian has an affirmative action program where they hire the mentally inept to do their reporting.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates that hired farmworkers are “less than 1 percent” of wage and salary workers in the United States[1]. Simple math tells us that one percent 298,000,000 (our current population[2]) is only 2,980,000 jobs.


Estimates vary but the number of illegal aliens in this country is astounding. The low number is eight million[1] and the high number is about twenty million[2] with most people accepting that there are probably ten to twelve million[3] criminal aliens residing in our country.


So much for "all illegal aliens do farmwork" huh? Oh, and if you make less than $30K/year then you pay no federal income tax and actually get a rebate back when you use the EIC tax credit.

Illegal aliens are a drain on our country, our culture and our society.


Thomas said...

"Thousands"? "Thousands?!?"

I don't think so, but then I'm not the one counting.(Even though I did attend a government school.)

When we were there between 12:00 and 1:00 there didn't appear to be more than (maybe) 200 or so. Unless you count the lawyers and steering commities, and other assorted meatheads (yeah, you, 'anonymous') who just show up at anything to protest something. [Remember Al Capp's S.W.I.N.E - Students Wildly Indignant (about) Nearly Everything]?

I wish we knew sooner where you were meeting up; didn't find out till much later. But I do know that the lawyer who was intent on video taping my girlfriend and me has great footage of us laughing at some of the signs! "We cook your food" was one of our favorites. GF wanted to know why they didn't wash our dishes aterward.

I'll pay closer attention to the timing of the next one of these. Gotta keep up the fight.

Keep the faith, Daniel!

Anonymous said...

There was a lot of people actually.
Anyways, that's why McCain-Kennedy should be passed. So that only the people that have paid all their bills, and have no criminal record on them, could apply for residence. (After the 6 years of working, plus 5 more to actually get a green card)
So we are punishing them, (also with a 2 thousand dollar fine). But we are also giving them an oppurtunity to this fix.

Daniel said...

No criminal record? They just haven't been convicted of anything! They broke the law coming here, they are breaking the law by working, they comitted perjury when they filled out their employment forms and probably ID theft and fraud as well.

They are criminals and should not be rewarded.

Anonymous said...

Rewarded? Aren't they already gonna pay 2000 dollars and work they're asses off for 6 years! McCain, says that they are criminals, and that's why they is a punishment, which is to pay the fine and work for 6 years. If they stop working, then they will be sent back to where they came from, this will be hard to do, but for those who want to live the american dream and want to actually do something in life, they will do it!
So stop be so harsh, and give these people a try.

Luke said...

Anon, why should we as you say "Give these people a try"? When I was younger I did landscaping, dishwashing, bussing tables, etc. All of the jobs that supposedly "Americans won't do". How is it a good thing to flood the US with third world grunt labor? Is this going to help the US be more competitive in the global marketplace?

If we had 20 million well to do Mexicans with college degrees flooding the country it might be a different matter. But as it is these people by and large are liabilities as their meager (and under the table) wages do not even begin to put into the system compared to what they take out.

Anonymous said...

If you gave these people a try, they would be able to go to a good college and then get their degrees, but you don't let these people try! That's the thing!
Its not only about "jobs we don't do", its also leting these people live the american dream. You should be proud as americans, to have countrys want to be in here, and like how the many races are/where welcomed here.

Tim Lewis said...

Many races are welcome here. Follow the proper procedures.

Anonymous said...

And again, there is people who have no fault in being what they are, and should get a chance in this country!

Liberty44 said...

Personally I would say that Anonymous is of Hispanic origin because of the way he phrases his rants in here.
what happened to your education?

I don't think any of us are against anybody getting an education but when you cannot even obey the laws by coming here legally, why should we accept you?

Scottiebill said...

Anonymous said in his posting at 7:47pm that these illegals should be given a chance to fulfill their "American dream" in working to eventually go to college and get their degrees. Who will be paying for these college educations? You can bet your last dollar it will not be the illegals that Anonymous is so proud of. It will be the American, read "LEGAL" here, that will be paying for that education. And Teddy the K and Guillermo Bradbury, along with Anonymous, are all for that.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I can surely say if given the people a chance. They can pay their colleges. Most of them are paying their own studies.

Scottiebill said...

To anonymous' last posting, whichever anonymous this is, you are partly right in that they will probably be able to pay for their college education, but they most likely will not because they will be expecting it to be handed to them just like everything else has been handed to them since the coyotes deposited them next to the border. I believe that they should be given just one more chance - to get back on their own side of the border before the INS and Border Patrol escorts them there, in irons.

Torrid said...

Daniel, you know as well as I do that you start paying FICA on your first dollar.