Monday, March 27, 2006

From Urinal to Journal with just one editorial

Write your own editorial: Illegal immigrants do NOT need services
Gov. Ted Kulongoski took some political heat by decreeing that state workers no longer will attend outreach clinics by the Mexican Consulate. Thank you protesters.

You're welcome...

If these unauthorized workers are so good for the economy why are we encouraging them to take public services and drain our limited resources? People that are “doing jobs that American won’t do” have a job! If they are working, why would they need assistance to get services like Un-Employment income? Taxes paid are relevant to income earned. Low income workers pay very little or nothing in Taxes. That cannot be good for the economy, lots of money going out, but very little coming in.

Gov. Kulongoski & state agencies were only helping those that cut to the front of the line, literally.

Take note:
Wondering who wrote this?
The Statesman Journal editorial board has invited readers to try writing their own versions of selected editorials. The following opinion is among those composed by readers.To read the editorial board’s explanation and guidelines for this experiment, or to participate, click

Next time you see an outrageous editorial (you won't have to wait long) write your own version and submit it!

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