Monday, March 20, 2006

What to do if my blog goes down (again)

While the tech support folks at Blogger have assured me that the "problem" is being worked on and solved as I type this there is still the chance that my blog could have a temporary interuption again.

I know this causes you some anguish but don't despair. Resist the tempation to stay at this URL and continue to hit the "refresh" button in a desperate hope that my blog will somehow appear.

Instead just waste your time over at Jib Jab. (yes, the videos are still funny!)


MAX Redline said...

Wondered what was going on - until I found it at my place. I don't think it should take a few days to correct.

I'm looking at other stuff.


brent said...

I'm glad your blog is back up and running because I check here every day to read your posts. It seems like quite a few Blogger blogs had problems as Michell Malkin posted about a couple of her favorite blogs being down too.

Daniel said...

It was an ongoing issue for a few days. It seems to have been resolved.

The Gentle Cricket said...

You know, Daniel, I think you should consider getting away from blogger if this continues. It seems like you are continually battling blogger. I'm sure a lot of us loyal readers would help fund you to host your own.

Just a thought. Keep up the great work.

Polish Immigrant said...

Good to have you back, Daniel. Have you read the latest from Frosty Wooldridge?

"Today, Mexico’s declaration of war on America moves with quickening speed. Their modern day general known as President Vicente Fox is not content with retaking Texas. He invades all American states."

Wooldridge says that invasion is encouraged, abetted and organized by the Mexican state. He gives several examples of different policies including what Mexican consulates in major cities do for illegals. But he goes much farther. He says that "It has been proposed that Mexicans in the U.S. vote in Mexican elections. California Mexicans would have seats in the Mexican Congress, specifically representing Mexicans residing in that state. One of Mexico's three major parties, the PRD, urges the designation of the entire United States as the sixth Mexican electoral district."

This is scary if true. I wonder if there is a way to confirm this.

Anonymous said...

I think it is just conservative blogs.

Bob H. said...

Frosty Woolridge is a great American. Liberals, lest you think he is just some fat, racist, nativist, he has bicycled around the world and lived in numerous foreign countries.
Polish immigrant-welcome to this great country and I'm sure you realize that while we are unwaveringly against illegal immigration, we completely welcome immigrants that come here legally and are dedicated to realizing the American dream. "Remember the Alamo".

MAX Redline said...


Somebody commented here that it seemed to be only conservative blogs that were affected - LOL! It kind of seemed that way, for sure.

I downloaded B2evolution and have set up with a free hosting service because Blogger's had just enough problems to tick me off. When Blogger works, it's ok - but when it's down for hours at a time, it's a real pain.

After I finish testing out B2, I expect to move all content to that platform. I've seen some really good, stable blogs using it.

Just a thought...

PDX Ron said...

I have never ever had any problems with blogger. Never. I post quite regularly and on other's Blogger blogs, as well. We and they are mostly liberal, progressive or left leaning. Never a problem. Maybe a glitch here and there, but never anything like Daniel's experience. Days and days of downtime seems strange.

If I was you cons, and this is a suggestion, I would switch to another free blog service or better yet, buy one. As those of a pro-capitalist persuasion, you shouldn’t be riding a free train. That is weak.

Another thing, not that I don't think you have a right to speak your mind on Blogger, but if the service has it's druthers, I imagine you are not welcome when you speak ill of their company. Especially with Daniel making comments saying that Google has a bunch of illegals running the show. If that were me working there, I would shut this blog down in a hot second for that lie. One shouldn't say that shit unless you have proof. After all it is a private business and they have the right to serve whom they choose. To them, I am confident that is expendable.

Besides, it is a free service so if you can't afford your own, you shouldn't be bitching. You just look cheap and silly. Like another blogger put it, whinning about the free government cheese. You should just be happy that you have a cost free service to use. If not, buy purchase your own. You shouldn't be ungrateful for the free teat you suckle from.

Finally, why would you want to use Blogger anyways? Most of you cons criticize Google for their ideological persuasion, so it makes no sense. By using their service, you are just advertising for them. Maybe you can con Fux News into putting together a blog service for you.


AubreyJ said...

I've been having problems with Blogger too... For weeks now it seems... Google email isn't like it once was either... Oh the pain of it all.

I’ll give them some more time to work out the bugs but I too am fixing to have to fire them... and soon if they can’t get it going right again. My visitor count is getting killed here of late and it takes way to long to get those people to come by and visit... just to have bad service run them off... Free or not!!!