Saturday, March 11, 2006

The way I would write it

His own fingerprint expert partly blamed in Madrid case
What should have been the headline.

Patriot Act Partly Blamed in Madrid Case
The actual headline.

NOTE: The post article is the only headline that blames the Patriot Act

Inspector General Glenn A. Fine also found that although FBI investigators did not abuse any of its powers in the case, the Patriot Act anti-terrorism law "amplified the consequences" of the FBI's misidentification of a fingerprint by allowing numerous agencies to share flawed information.

By "amplified the consequences" they mean "ok, no laws were broken but c'mon, we have to find something here."

The full report provides many new details about the treatment of Mayfield, who was the subject of surveillance and secret searches before he was hurriedly arrested in response to media leaks about the case.

So if it weren't for media leaks maybe they could have done a more thorough investigation.

The report acknowledges that there was an "unusual similarity" between the fingerprints, confusing three FBI examiners and a court-appointed expert.

That "court-appointed expert" was the man who represented Mayfield... and he said it was his clients print!

Mayfield filed a lawsuit against the Justice Department, the FBI and several FBI employees in October 2004 alleging civil rights violations, including a charge that he was arrested because he is a Muslim who had represented some defendants with alleged terrorism ties.

Replace the word "alleged" with "convicted" and you have an accurate statement.

Fine's report found that although Mayfield's religion "was not the sole or primary cause" of the initial identification, it contributed to the FBI's reluctance to reexamine the case after it was challenged by the Spanish police.

If we aren't profiling practicioners of the Religion of Peace then we aren't doing our job to keep Americans safe.


BEAR said...

Well said, Daniel. But, as we have seen with other "movements," anything and everything that is good for or about the USA is labeled racist, bigoted, discriminatory, etc..... There will be no allowance or understanding of mistakes, regardless of how innocent, and regardless of how the system self-corrects. Propaganda does not require facts or provable events. It only requires a forum, and a suitable demagogue, and a nation free enough to allow liars their "15 minutes." Speaking of which, how IS sleepy ted today?

Daniel said...

Tired I hear.

peod in Oregon said...

I hope this poor excuse for a human being is being watched like a hawk. His appearance in the newspapers (propaganda tools) is used only to bash the U.S. and Bush. As for his association with those "accused" of terrorism, check out
for further evidence of this mans involvement.

Scottiebill said...

Don't look for the print media to report any true facts in the Mayfield case. These alQaeda Civil Liberties Union (do NOT associate the word "American" with them) admirers aren't about to publish a single thing that is fair to anyon other than creeps like Mayfield and his ilk. If anyone wants to start a fund to pay for a one-way ticket for him to Syria or Iran, I will gladly donate something.

Anonymous said...

Mayfield had so many reasons to watch and include him in the investigation it was encredible.

He is guilty, in more ways then one, and it will come out someday, hopefully not after a suicide bombing at CITY HALL,OK!MAYBE AFTER!

Anonymous said...

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