Sunday, March 26, 2006

Why assimilate?

Some never adopt English as second language
Alicia Alvarado presses two for Spanish.

Nearly everything the 44-year-old janitor needs can be had in her mother tongue. She shops in Spanish, files police reports, talks to nurses and teachers and voice-mail systems. For 17 years, Alvarado has lived in a Spanish-speaking world, first in Los Angeles and now in Concord's Monument Corridor.

Her continued monolingualism stems from cultural pride, a hectic life and the challenge of studying a foreign language.

"We don't want to lose our roots," she says.

Then, she blushes and adds, "when I first moved (to Concord), I was ashamed to attend English classes."

Ashamed to take English classes? You have a "pride" in your failed culture? (NOTE TO MULTICULTURAL LIBS: Take a look at Mexican culture on the issue of abortion and women's rights before you leap to it's defense)

I refuse to speak Spanish. I will absolutely not allow my family to speak Spanish. It is not multicultural to weaken your country and make it difficult for people to communicate or be successful.


MAX Redline said...

"I refuse to speak Spanish."

Daniel, that's just plain wrong.

Sorry, but I was hanging around with you, and distinctly heard you say stuff like "Hola".

So you don't actually refuse to speak that language; you seem very well-versed in it.

I think it's best to let that be known. Being bilingual ain't a bad thing.

It doesn't involve sex - which any animal can master.

It involves thought processes.

And as many here have demonstrated repeatedly in their comments, thoughts aren't all that easy to master.

Robin said...

I also refused to speak Spanish. If I choose to learn a second language, it will be a language of my choice.

I can definitely understand Alicia not wanting to lose her "roots" or culture. However, nobody says that you have to give them up to live in the United States. However, if she was so ashamed to learn English, and why did she come here in the first place? Didn't she anticipate that by coming to America that you may have to learn English at some point?

Also, how about respecting our culture by learning our language?

While I agree with Jay, being bilingual is not a bad thing, being forced to be bilingual in your own country in order to get a job or keep your job is a completely different issue.

Yes we are a "melting pot" of all different cultures, but we are also a nation with one common language. English, not Spanish!

Daniel said...

Max, ok, I can speak a little (poquito) Spanish but I'm certainly not well-versed. That day I was just trying to get an illegal alien to take a picture with me and their matricula card. (success)

My refusal to speak spanish is really for any business transaction, casual conversation or anything other than trying to get the cooperation of an illegal alien to take a picture or show me what goodies the state gave them.

My opposition is to the attitude that businesses must have their employees speak spanish to cater to a crowd of mostly illegal aliens.

I would agree that being bilingual isn't a bad thing, if I go to another country I will learn the language rather than expect them to speak mine, but I'm tired of hearing "press 2 for Spanish."

MAX Redline said...

"I would agree that being bilingual isn't a bad thing, if I go to another country I will learn the language rather than expect them to speak mine, but I'm tired of hearing "press 2 for Spanish."

I'd love to hear that, Daniel. More often than not, it seems that what I hear on the phone is "Press 1 for English". That really ticks me off, and there's no faster way to lose my business.

Anonymous said...

My Kids will learn Japanese or German in High School. I want them to learn a language of great business opportunity. Spanish is so companies can violate our laws and hire illegal immigrants. My Kids will not do that. Millions are fleeing the Spanish language culture, why give in to their self imposed BS? They also play FOOTBALL, not Soccer and BASEBALL, not La Crosse. (I tell them Soccer is for 3rd World countries that can't afford helmets and pads)
We refuse to be BRAINWASHED.
Mexicans won't lose their language.
Millions in Spain do it better anyhow.

Diesel said...

Well gang, I almost wanted to comment about being a teacher that only knows a little bit of espanol. Sad truth is that knowing espanol is a HUGE ticket to getting a teaching job in Oregon. Facts of life...

Anonymous said...

Look at Mexico. Its a divided society: namely, the rich and the rest. Maybe this is over simplified, but Mexico will either look more like the U.S. or the U.S. will look more like Mexico, and if we do not get control of the border and make illegal aliens go back to Mexico we will be more like Mexico: the rich and the rest.
I don't want the be like Mexico. PERIOD.