Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Doesn't Portland have enough heroin?

Being absolutely flush with money these days, our local government is practically giving it away.

Walk of the Heroines. RACC is seeking artists/teams residing in the United States for three public art opportunities for Portland State University’s Walk of the Heroines. The total art budget is $155,000. The three opportunities for public art are: a Stage Wall ($65K), Water Course Sculpture ($75K), 5 small wall niches ($15K). The artwork should reflect the themes of inspiration, education, discovery, artistic expression, diversity and community which have been woven throughout the project since its inception. Artists/teams may apply for one or all of the opportunities. While it is not required, the committee encourages teams of artists to apply for the entire site and supports the inclusion of emerging artists on those teams. Deadline: 3/24/06.

Is anyone else interested in applying for $75K with me so that we can make a statue of Ann Coulter? Heck, even a "wall niche" of "We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity" done in caligraphy should qualify. Anyone?

Or maybe, this is Portland afterall, they don't mean heroine as in female hero, they mean the narcotic and their just bad spellers.


The Gentle Cricket said...

How about a "water course sculpture" in the design of a 2,000 mile wall. It could be displayed just south of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

Ric said...

"Bad spellers"

There was some public art a while ago, for a library, where the names of authors were misspelled.
The artist defended her/his work by saying:

"'Quite frankly, I'm really upset about this,'' Alquilar said. ''Nobody at the library has said what a great work it is.''"

The public was going to have to pay more to have it corrected.

I'll have to do some searching for links ... found it quick:
At the Gate

Joanne had it too -- BTW, if you are not reading her, I recommend an occasional glance.

Anonymous said...

I am really tempted to mold something out of clay that looks like it was made by an autistic three year old with seizures, dress up in obvious drag and go down there to pitch my project. I bet as an oppressed minority I'd have a real good cance of getting the contract.